Monday, June 10

Another Week to Grind Out

What a slow weekend it was for me. Work was slow, meaning no fights or calls for the police, which is good, but means it makes the time drag by pretty slow. Fewer customers means the boss is not as happy to see sales drop. Oh well. It's not my fault people aren't coming out. I'm there to ensure they don't get in a fight, and remove people that maybe bothering them.

Today I have the oldest son at home for the day. He had a bottom front tooth chipped back on Memorial Day, and I was finally able to get him a dentist appointment to have it looked at. It isn't causing him pain, and it not necessarily irritating the lip or tongue, but the Wife was adamant about making sure there is no other problem with it. Insert eye roll here.

I have a couple days this week planned for each of the other boys, and that leaves a couple days for myself - the days I have pool league, and I work. I know all three boys want to spend their days at home playing on the computer all day, but I have plans for each one that they are not aware of.

Other than that, I have nothing special going on. It may be a slow post week.


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