Friday, June 28

Friday Once Again

My typical Summer Friday has come around again. The oldest son is up (early for him) and getting ready to get the dishes done so he can play on the computer the rest of the day. I have been up for a bit now and gotten through my emails, social medias, etc. and now figured I should put something here for you to waste 30 seconds of your time reading.

Tonight is work for me. I plan on getting to sleep as fast as possible, as we have plans for tomorrow. Seems Sis' step-daughter is in town with her baby, which makes it Sis' first grandchild. That being the case, we are using tomorrow as our July 4th get-together, since the holiday is on a Thursday, and the niece is only in town through this weekend. Stuman and his brood will not be attending though, as he has some Army gig in Cali he has to go to. I think it is drill weekend, not additional training. Which just means more carne asada for me. I know I am going to mess up my weight now.

I am thinking about breakfast out for the son and I this morning, but haven't been able to think of a place yet. Maybe Old Country Buffet. I haven't done breakfast there in a long time.


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