Sunday, June 16

Father's Day 2013

It is yet the wee hours of this year's Father's Day, and here I am entertaining you (if you can call it that) because I am not quite tired enough to go to bed. Just got home from work maybe 20 minutes ago, and though going on like three hours of sleep in the last two days, I feel like I am mentally wide awake. My body disagrees of course, which makes the whole idea of actual falling asleep seem a difficult task at the moment. Tonight's work wasn't too bad. A bit busier it seemed than the past couple of Saturdays, partly attributed to doing the pay-per-view UFC matches. I had no issues with working the door, aside from the usual catching people trying to walk out with an open container/glass. No fights took place, which is the best way to have it.

Plans for Father's Day are non-existent at this point. I flubbed up and forgot to get a card for PT, so hopefully I will remember later today to get out and get one. My buddy Don wants me to meet him around 10am at the pub, as one of our favorite bartenders is returning to work then after her maternity leave. I haven't decided for sure if I will go. Reverend Mother would say I should go to church - heck, most of my family (extended and in-laws included) would say the same, but I have no desire to spend a couple hours being around the church. I could always say it is 'my day' and then do whatever I want, but I do that most days as it is, so it wouldn't be anything out of the ordinary.

I don't expect any presents. The boys are too young to even think about giving gifts they pick out, and even if they did, I would prefer they just save their money. The Wife and I usually do not do the gift thing for these days (Mother's and Father's Days) but I generally break that, and get at least a little something 'from the kids'.

Think I am starting to feel a bit of the mental activity begin to wind down. Feeling a bit sentimental about my Dad. It has been 28 years since he passed away, and though I have become pretty calloused when it comes to certain things, I still get mushy every now and then. Yeah. That isn't getting me anywhere.

Maybe I will go have a few drinks today.


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