Monday, June 3

Obama Sent the IRS After Me

Saturday we received in the mail, a notice from the IRS that our taxes had been changed. In particular, they claim we inputted information wrong for the section regarding education credits. Thus, they reduced the amount of our refund by a considerable sum. I get the joy today of reviewing the information that they said should be adjusted, verifying our information, then contacting them - more than likely to explain to them just how wrong they are. Either way, it will delay our refund another estimated 4-6 weeks, plus any additional time they need in order to screw us. I wish the mortgage company would be understandable about this delay in our payments.

That being said, my Monday is already going to shit.

All the boys are home with me today, and so far this morning only one is awake. At least the fighting and bickering won't start until a little later. At least they will be gone in the evenings to Vacation bible school. Even the oldest will be there as a volunteer to help with the skits, etc. they do.

I suppose I should get started on some of the the things I need to get done today. Oh Joy.


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