Sunday, June 30

Hot Times - Literally!

The past couple days here in the Valley of the Sun have brought us the temperatures that most commonly see  with us being a 'desert state'. In that I mean that we were reaching over 115 degrees. Many people that live here, most being friends/acquaintances of mine, have started their ranting and raving on Facebook, or even in general talking, about how it is so darn hot, etc. Please. No comments about how it is a 'dry heat'. Frankly, I am tired of it.

I moved out here 27 years ago, a freshman in high school, straight from Frankfort, Indiana, and yes, it took awhile for me to acclimate. Trying out for the freshman football team, I passed out, revived, and then was promptly let go from the team. Heck, I had only been out here maybe two months, and that was spent in air-conditioned indoors. But over the years, though it has always been overly warm to me, I have gotten used to the heat. I am not saying that I love it, just that it has come as something to be expected every year, for several months. Sometimes it has started earlier (say April) and like this year, a bit later - in regards to the 100+ temperatures. PT argued with me today that it has never been this hot at this time of year since 1990, after I had quoted the radio having said it was 126 back in 1990. I don't care. After 100, you only notice it is hotter like every 10 degrees. So when it hits 110, you think, oh, it got a little warmer. At 115-120, it's a heat advisory here, but unless you have no AC in your vehicle, or home, you don't notice except those transitions between home, vehicle, work, store, etc. Yes, I sweat more. It's part of living here. Hydrate yourself, stay out of the heat as much as possible, don't over-do it outside. Simple precaution steps. Then there are others, like the Reverend Mother, that thrive on the hotter temps, though she admits that it does cause some discomfort having to be in it. That's just a safe out for you RM.

Needless to say, it was warm today. I don't know exactly what it got to, but I am sure it was somewhere between 115-119. We spent the early afternoon at Sis' visiting, and doing our sort of July 4th family gathering. I got to see my niece and her baby, which it had been maybe 2 or more years since last time. The kids spent time in the pool, as a good way to cool off after the huge meal of carne asada, rice, beans, chips, salsa, etc. I had to call it early as The Wife was meeting a friend to help with some physical therapy, and I needed to get to work. Being the 'Door Guy' at work isn't usually too difficult, but tonight with the warmer temps, I was drenched in sweat most of the evening. I made to stay hydrated, having a bottle of water almost every hour, but by the time I got home, I smelt pretty sweaty - plus stale beer and cigarettes.

So it is almost July. Arizona is having temps just under 120 degrees, nearing the time of what they call Monsoon season. Used to be the Monsoon Season didn't start until a date around mid-July, but now science has created it doesn't start until we reach X amount of days at Y temperature. Which is pretty close to the mid-July time anyways. Then ya start hearing false stuff about haboobs here. Heh. I said haboob. Nothing near what they see in the Middle East. I ain't going there though. Topic, or Middle East.

That being said, it's near 4am Sunday morning, and I am doing a few more things before heading up to the pub for some Blood Mary drinks.


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