Wednesday, June 12

Holding Steady

I have been slacking again about going to the gym. Last week, I strained a muscle in my mid-back on the right side, and it has been bothering me for several days. Yesterday was the first I hardly felt it. Whether that means it 'healed up' or if I was just getting used to the discomfort, I don't know. Either way, I needed to get in today to weigh-in, so I did a regular workout. I am holding steady again this week at the same weight. I am a bit surprised at that, considering I haven't been working out, and with the boys at home, I probably am eating a tad more than I should (snacks, etc). Maybe if I had cut them out (the snacks, not the boys) I could be down another pound, maybe two. Shrug. It is what it is.

I spent most of yesterday watching a TV show I found on Netflix called Longmire. It was a show on the A&E network, and I added it to my favorites on my browser so I can start on season two once I finish the last couple episodes of season one. Pretty decent show.

My buddy Don and I are planning on seeing Star Trek: Into Darkness today, before we head up for our pool league games. I say planning, as I am waiting to see if he was able to figure out his schedule for work today. He is a repair technician for an appliance company, and does house calls. Waiting to hear back from him now.

That's it for now. Tomorrow, I have the youngest son for the day, and plan on doing a grocery store meat run in the morning. I think we may stop and have breakfast tomorrow, too.


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