Thursday, June 6

The Importance of Breakfast

No, I am not going to give the same old speech about how breakfast is the most important meal of the day, or how you should eat a nutritious one, or don't let your kids eat sugary cereals (because I like those ones best). I got a look at why breakfast is so important this morning.

The past ... oh, I don't know ... couple years? PT and I have been meeting up for a breakfast every now and then. I usually enjoyed them because it got me out of the house (feeling stir crazy) and having the chance to have adult conversation, instead of yelling at the boys because their bickering and fighting is driving me nuts. Sure they were only about an hour or so long, but it was like a break in the regular routine for me.

The middle son was staying at home with me today. This morning I decided we needed to get out to the store, one that has a Thursday only meat special sale going on. I wanted to get it done before it got too hot, or worse, they sold out of some of the meat specials. Afterwords, I asked if he had had breakfast this morning (I generally let them get their own). He had said no, so I said, why don't we got o Denny's and have some then. So we did.

My middle son is 10, and is the typical boy with the growing syndrome, where it seems they have hollow legs. He ordered up the Lumberjack Slam, while I only had a Santa Fe Skillet. As we sat there waiting on the food, it dawned on me how this was a great thing. Being able to have some one-on-one conversation, seeing the growth he has done, not physically per se, but mentally. His laughter and that sparkle of mischief in his eyes just made me feel a bit sentimental about everything. It made me realize, that this breakfast, was important to me, even if he does not realize it. Maybe years down the road he will remember and cherish the few times he and I got to go out and have breakfast, just the two of us. And to think I do this off and on for all three of the boys.... and would the Daughter, too, but that is a long drive to meet her for breakfast.

Yeah, feeling like I am doing something right as a parent...


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Rev Mom said...

awww, that made me get teary-eyed this morning! Now you know how I feel when I get to spend time with you, Mary or Stuart 1:1. :-) Good job, son!