Tuesday, June 25

Looking For A Loss

This morning finds me doing anything I can to delay going to the gym. I have not been in almost a week, and am not looking forward to going this week. I ate 'freely' over the past week, and I feel like I have probably gained weight. My official weigh-in won't matter until tomorrow, but I will still weigh today to see about where I am - to decide if I need to starve myself for a pound loss to win the weekly bet.

I have been having a bit of tendinitis in my left elbow the past few weeks as well, which is bothersome in my workout. I suppose I can move to just doing lower body for a few weeks to rest up the arm. that and cardio - yuck!

Yesterday's post told you what I have planned for the next 2-3 days, so nothing much to add there.


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