Monday, November 24

Lift, and Twist, and Ouch!

I don't know if that is what really happened, but I am sure it was something close to it. I spent most of the last two days in my chair, at the computer, because doing anything else hurt my back too much. Seems Saturday morning, while emptying the trash from my work truck, I tweaked my lower back. Things were fine until I got home, got down from the cab of the truck, and realized how bad it hurt. The two positions that did not seem to hurt it too bad were sitting, and lying down. So I spent most of Saturday at the computer in my office chair. As long as I didn't shift too much, I was okay. Getting up for a drink, or the bathroom were hell.

Managed to walk into Texas Roadhouse where the family went for dinner that night, and walked out on my own. Went to bed shortly after hoping that a good night's sleep would make me all better the next day. I did wake feeling a little better, though, walking itself still hurt a bit. Again I spent most of the day in front of the computer, playing away at World of Warcraft, especially since I had not played much of the new expansion since it came out.

This morning finds me even a little better. Still getting some twinge pains, but am able to walk, though somewhat slow still. I think I will be able to get to work, though may need to ask for some help if needing to lift some heavier things. The hardest part will be the first part of the day where I am on my feet more. This work week at least gives me a day off on Thursday, so maybe if I don't strain too hard, I can be back to feeling normal in my back next week.


Friday, November 21

Better Off Dead

Dead asleep that is. After getting most of this week off from Zero Hour, the oldest Son is back to the early morning band thing. I was pretty sure that once the marching season was over, they went about a half hour later in the mornings, but as of this one, he hasn't heard of any time changes. Needless to say, after running him to the school, I logged onto the computer, and sat here staring at e screen for the past few minutes. A topic to write about? I couldn't think of one, and my mind kept going blank, or returning to the thought that I am tired, and could use a couple more hours sleep.

It is Friday, and like most, I am feeling worn down from work. The weekend is a good time to rest up some of these sore muscles, and relax the cerebral muscles as well. I am sure I will be pretty lazy and not do much. Thanksgiving is coming up and I am sure I need the downtime now to be ready for then.

There went another five minutes of staring off into space. Maybe I should go lay back down for a couple hours ....


Thursday, November 20

Minus Seven to T Day

I admit sometimes I am slow to realize some things, and it was late in the day, yesterday, when I realized, that Thanksgiving is next week. In the space of about three seconds, I was elated (for some time off work) and then dejected (because I still have to work Friday), and then resigned (because it is not much of a holiday, so why the hell am I getting all excited).

Yeah, I used to like Thanksgiving, but now that I have to work that Friday, it isn't much to me anymore. A day to be thankful. Yeah. Whatever. Thankful for family, friends, and food on the table .... let's eat. Hmph.

Maybe I am just getting into my 'Bah! Humbug!' seasonal mood.


Monday, November 17

Another Weekend Shot Down

I am tired. Not sleepy-tired, just worn-out tired.

Saturday, the oldest Son had State Championships for Marching Band. They were to go first at 9am, so his call time was like 7am at the school. Thankfully, the venue was on the west side this time, and we were able to rush grabbing some breakfast from McD's and get there in time for their performance. Then it was sitting on concrete bleachers for three hours until the awards. After the shat, we had to rush home to drop the two younger boys off, then head to the wedding reception for my brother was having that afternoon. I really saw no reason to go, as they were legally married in May, then did the whole "wedding show" last weekend in Sedona, and now a reception this week. But the Wife said I needed to go because it was family. The Wife had a headache come on from the loud music there, and spent most of the time out in the foyer area. I sat there most of the time, talking with a few others I knew, and family. Thankfully, I did not have to work at the pub that night, and we just stayed home afterwards.

Sunday morning I had to run out and dump much of the accumulated trash in my work truck. I was to meet someone, as he wanted to take the metal stuff for scrap, but I guess I was early, though I thought I was late, and missed him. I did fill up a whole dumpster with trash though. Then it was home to change into my Redskins gear and head to the pub for the game. Was hoping to meet up with a couple friends there, but they weren't able to make it. I felt a little lost without my buddy Don there. So, the Redskins played a horrible game, and instead of staying (and drinking) to watch the Lions-Cardinals game, I stopped by the store on the way home, picked up some needed things, and went home.

Our internet connection at home has been a problem. Been with Qwest/Centurylink for several years now, and at different times, the internet connectivity will go out sporadically, for hours at a time. It had been worse seemingly over the past week, so I called the tech line. After two hours on the phone, there was nothing they could seem to figure out, so told me that the modem must be bad, and I would need to replace it, as the one I purchased through them years ago, the warranty had expired (go figure). I got the specifications of what I would need to be sure I bought the right kind, and headed to Best Buy, but only because the tech said they have the type I need. I asked for sales help, as I wanted to be sure I got the right kind, and it turns out there is only one brand there they carry, that was this VDSL type I needed. Guess what, it was branded Centurylink. But I did find out that they seem to be the only ones that use a VDSL type, versus the ADSL type, and the only difference between the two, is something to do with the wiring configurations in how data is transferred. So, $100 later, I had a newer modem. We went to Denny's for dinner, then home so I could hook up the new modem.

Guess what? Didn't fix the problem. As of this morning, even while typing this post, the modem has lost connection several times. It seems to be holding steady at present, so I should probably close this post and save it before it goes again.


Thursday, November 13

Give Me A Time-Out

There are mornings like today, when I feel a bit overwhelmed with everything that is going on in our lives. No, I am not talking about Ebola, or the Ukraine. I'm not even talking about ISIS, or even how bad Obama is doing in the polls. I am referring to the daily activities and going-ons for my family.

This Saturday is Super State for Marching Band. The Son's school has made it, and it has been awhile for them. I think they were last this far back in 2007 - not sure right off the top of my head of the Daughter was attending then or not. Their performance time is at 9am ... so there goes trying to sleep in. Which means his call-time at the school will be like 7'ish, I am sure. The awards are presented at noon, but I am not sure if we will stay so long. That's 3 hours between the performance and the awards .... on concrete 'bleacher' seats. Not sure if my behind will tolerate that, even with the natural padding I have in place there.

Also that afternoon is my brother's wedding reception. They had a vow renewal last weekend, wherein they "performed" the wedding that his wife wanted. They had already exchanged vows and did the legal paperwork back in May, in regards to some issue regarding insurance coverage - not clear of the whole story, and don't really care. So this weekend, is a reception they are doing for those that could not make it up north (Sedona) for the wedding, but would like to celebrate with them. Personally, I see no reason I should have to go ... I was at the actual ceremony for the legal wedding. We did not go up last weekend for the vow renewal, as I had other things going on.The Wife says I need to go to this because I am family. I am thinking shooting myself in the foot would be more fun.

That's just Saturday. Doesn't sound busy? When I add in my work hours the next couple of days, I guess I am working the UFC fight Saturday night, I need to get the trash (large doors, tubs, etc) out of my work truck (usually done on Sat. morns, but probably will be Sunday this week), meeting up with a friend from out of state tonight, early morning band hour, and many other little things that take 15 minutes here, and 10 minutes there .... Yeah. All cray-cray here in AZ ...(get it? crazy ... cray AZ?)

I suppose I should start thinking about heading to work this morning.


Monday, November 10

Promises of Change

Before you even start into reading further, this is NOT a post about Obama, his campaign promises, or anything else that might have been uttered from his mouth.

Saturday was the Celebration of Life for my friend don, and it was a good turnout. There were quite a few people there I had not expected to see, and more than we actually did expect. It is nice to know he made an impact in so many people's lives.

That being said, I also got pretty drunk. I remember saying, mostly to myself, that I was only going to have beer - no Jack Daniels, or other shots. I did pretty good, too, then somehow I ended up with a shot glass in my hand, from where I have no clue. Thankfully, it was well after anyone had spoke, and most of the shin-dig was "winding down", I see on my phone I texted the Wife around 6:30, and she came and got me. I'm pretty sure I didn't embarrass anyone, including myself.

Yesterday was a day of recovery, and my proverbial saying of "Ugh, I am not ever drinking again."

In other words, I stayed home, and just mellowed out for the day. I guess at some point on Saturday I had fallen, as my knees are just aching, and one has a nice scrape on it. This morning they are still hurting, so will be a great day for work (feel that sarcasm?). I have another friend that had flown into town this weekend, mostly for NASCAR, and she will be here most of the week. I suppose I will have to have a night out for a few beers with her at some point. Luckily, my work hours will make it later, and her from the east coast the time lag may affect how much we hang out.

Veteran's Day is tomorrow. Kids are out of school. I have to work. Joy.


Friday, November 7


Scotty B, one of my best friends, once said that life is just a stage. Not a period, but a performance stage, and in his reference, he was the star. Everyone else was a secondary role, or less, depending on the type of interaction in his life. I don't know if I understood his meaning back then (a few years ago) or even if I completely understand it now.

I don't think I live my life like the example above. I tend to want to stay out of the spotlight. Not that I am turning down any time to "shine", just that I am more like a cog on the wheel, that just keeps on doing my part in the grand scheme of things.

I'm not sure where I was going with all of that. Stages. I was thinking more about the stages of grief, and depression, or addiction. It seems in recovering from any of these (and possibly other things I can't think of off the top of my head) there are always these "stages" that everyone seems to go through. I don't know what they all are, but I have been experiencing them, and recognizing some of them, as things progress since the passing of my friend Don. At first I was indifferent, then sad, and now I am starting to get into the anger phase. One I am not really wanting to experience, as sometimes, I can't control my temper. And most of that anger I feel, isn't at God, or even at Don, or his death. It's more centered toward certain people, and their actions in regards to the whole of Don's passing. Part of it is not knowing the answers to certain things. Frustration at all of it.

Sigh. Frustrated because I am frustrated. Irritated that I irritated. Angry ... because I feel angry. Seems senseless seeing it typed out that way, but I guess that is what happens when things get skewed and unbalanced.

Tomorrow, what started out as a small gathering of those that knew Don, is taking place. It has been turned into more of a circus (my opinion) thanks to the actions of certain people. Which is where some more of my anger is directed. Even now I still shake my head and say, "Just what the hell were they thinking?" 

Either way, I plan on tomorrow being a good closure to it all for me. Not saying I won't still feel some lose and missing him feelings, just ... closure. I think I need it.


Monday, November 3

Another Week Begins

Yup. It is another Monday, and there is not anything that is super great about this week. Well, pretty much not. The oldest Son's marching band made "Super State" meaning they are int he top ten for their division, and get one more try to be labled as #1. That is coming up in a couple weeks. This Saturday is my buddy Don's celebration of life service. It will be sort of nice to get that done and over with. I'm still dealing with some issues, though they aren't affecting me near as badly as before.

Nothing much more exciting for today. Getting ready to head into work.