Thursday, November 13

Give Me A Time-Out

There are mornings like today, when I feel a bit overwhelmed with everything that is going on in our lives. No, I am not talking about Ebola, or the Ukraine. I'm not even talking about ISIS, or even how bad Obama is doing in the polls. I am referring to the daily activities and going-ons for my family.

This Saturday is Super State for Marching Band. The Son's school has made it, and it has been awhile for them. I think they were last this far back in 2007 - not sure right off the top of my head of the Daughter was attending then or not. Their performance time is at 9am ... so there goes trying to sleep in. Which means his call-time at the school will be like 7'ish, I am sure. The awards are presented at noon, but I am not sure if we will stay so long. That's 3 hours between the performance and the awards .... on concrete 'bleacher' seats. Not sure if my behind will tolerate that, even with the natural padding I have in place there.

Also that afternoon is my brother's wedding reception. They had a vow renewal last weekend, wherein they "performed" the wedding that his wife wanted. They had already exchanged vows and did the legal paperwork back in May, in regards to some issue regarding insurance coverage - not clear of the whole story, and don't really care. So this weekend, is a reception they are doing for those that could not make it up north (Sedona) for the wedding, but would like to celebrate with them. Personally, I see no reason I should have to go ... I was at the actual ceremony for the legal wedding. We did not go up last weekend for the vow renewal, as I had other things going on.The Wife says I need to go to this because I am family. I am thinking shooting myself in the foot would be more fun.

That's just Saturday. Doesn't sound busy? When I add in my work hours the next couple of days, I guess I am working the UFC fight Saturday night, I need to get the trash (large doors, tubs, etc) out of my work truck (usually done on Sat. morns, but probably will be Sunday this week), meeting up with a friend from out of state tonight, early morning band hour, and many other little things that take 15 minutes here, and 10 minutes there .... Yeah. All cray-cray here in AZ ...(get it? crazy ... cray AZ?)

I suppose I should start thinking about heading to work this morning.


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