Tuesday, November 30

Ugh! Wish It Would Stop!

I woke up feeling miserable this morning. And in the last 45 minutes, it feels like it has gotten worse. My eyes and nose are just leaking like crazy, even though my nose is stuffed up. Yeah, I won't get descriptive, but I can tell it is starting to turn into a sinus infection, too. Just popped some meds to help with "daytime".

That being said, my body is taking over most of my thoughts today, so I don't have much else to share except complaints. I'd head back to bed, except I need to run over to a friend's and pick up her cat. She has to get to work too early, and her cat is scheduled to be spayed today. I only have to drop it off when the vet opens in about an hour or so.

When I get back, I think I may crawl into bed again. Maybe nap a little. No use hooking up the CPAP with this clogged nose though.


Monday, November 29

One Moment Please .....

I'm on hold. Yeah, on the phone. I am in the process of calling the insurance company of the guy that hit my daughter's car. The guy I spoke to last week, and have his direct extension, has a message that voices he will be back in the office by 9am MST (yes, it states the time zone). But here it is already 10:45am MST and he evidently isn't in.

I just finished the call. I was able to get off hold in about 7 minutes, so it wasn't bad. I will admit I did like the fact at the beginning of the hold period, they mentioned that "due to weather in certain areas" their hold time may be longer. Covering their asses before the really, big snows hit I guess. Anyways, I got the names/addresses of 5 more places to check with to see about getting it done during the break she has in December. If not, I can call back, have them send an adjuster, and go from there to anywhere. More hassle though.

The Wife is off work today. She had another personal day to use before tomorrow, or loses it. I finished watching "Robin Hood" today. It was good the second time too. Saw it in the theaters first. Also watched "How to Train a Dragon", which was a nice family animation. My boys really enjoyed it.

Not much else happening at the moment. I need to start making those calls.


Saturday, November 27

Sometimes, Life is Good

Yesterday morning started out pretty crappy. The whole thing about the daughter's car and all, just really brought her down, and me a bit too. Things worked out pretty good though, I think.

The guy that hit her, ended up getting a ticket for leaving the scene, and could have been charged with Hit and Run, but the daughter didn't want to press charges, just get the car fixed. within the hour of her calling me, I got a call from his insurance company. In short, they gave the contact info for a body shop that work with them, and Enterprise - both of whom straight bill the insurance so we need not worry about out of pocket. That was a relief. I called the body shop, and that's when we got some bad news. A few months ago, we had a hail storm across the valley, dropping some VERY large pieces of hail, and causing lots of hail damage to windows, vehicles, etc. Because this place works with insurances, they are booked until the 2nd week of January. About the time she would have to be back at school. We are planning to sit down this morning and figure out a good date for her to bring the car back up, and get it in, then try to schedule that date with the body shop.

Normally would be easy, but the snag that the car is still in her grandparents name, even though they gifted it to her. So the rental car then my MIL would have to go and sign, be the primary driver, etc. and just makes it a huge hassle. I am sure we can get it figured out, just a bit of a downer after everything was starting to look better about the resolving of the situation.

In the meantime, my cell phone took a crap yesterday. All the calls I made/received were full of static, and half the time the other party could not hear me. I ran into Verizon store (unfortunately close to the mall). Good News: my phone plan was ready for the upgrade. Better news: I was able to get a "touch" phone, with bluetooth, the ear piece, 2GB memory card (comes with USB attachment to load into computer), gel cover, and protective sheets for the glass - all for $20 more than it would have cost to just replace the phone with the compatible and pay the $50 deductible of the insurance. Yeah, I feel like I made out good! All because it was Black Friday and they were making deals.

It's Saturday. Nothing major planned. The older boys spent last night again at Sis' and will be coming home today.


Friday, November 26

Too Tired to Do Anything

Whew! Yesterday was a nice, filled day! Spent Thanksgiving over at Sis' and left all 4 kids there for the night. I think this is the first time the Wife and I have had a night alone in... well, quite awhile. Only problem was that we were both pretty tired and just came home, did some computer stuff, then went to bed early. And slept. I even stayed in bed a bit longer than normal for me this morning. Unfortunately, the Wife had to work today.

So the kids are at Sis'. The daughter drove up there yesterday, and has plans to head up north to visit a cousin just for the day today. She had asked about taking my oldest son with her (he's 12), which we okayed, but he is unsure if he wants to go or not. I suppose I will find out when she let's me know she is taking off from there in a couple hours. Either way, she is planning on being home before 7 tonight.

Shit! I just got off the phone from my daughter. Seems some dick just side-swiped her car about 5 minutes ago. I guess the driver side back door now has the scrape on it, though it is still workable. Seems the neighbor came and rang the bell, had seen the whole thing happen and was able to give them a description of the car. So the BIL is out cruising the neighborhood in hopes of coming across them, and getting insurance info. Unfortunately, we are carrying only liability on the vehicle so would have to pay out of pocket otherwise for repairs. What a shitty start to today.

Just looked at the pic daughter sent on the phone. Isn't too bad, and looks like we maybe able to pop the dent out. The paint, that's the part I can't do. Update: turns out the neighbor across the street did it backing out of his drive. Police were able to get insurance info from the guy who kept trying to pin it all on my daughter. He was trying some stuff about, how she can't park on the street for more than 24 hours - which is BS. She cancelled her trip up north and is coming home so we can call his insurance and get all that taken care of.

Today is Day 5 of not smoking. I think I can quit counting them now. I have been out around smoker's and not felt any urges. I think I shall be ok about quitting, though I have not gone into a "stress test". I feel confident though.

Black Friday! Yeah, not going anywhere if I can avoid it. Sis will contact me about the boys being picked up by the Wife, or if she is bringing them home. Are you out shopping?


Wednesday, November 24

Tossed to the Roadside

I feel kinda crappy. I went out drinking yesterday, and that always seems to leave me feeling this way the next morning. Especially if I stay out later than I intend, which I did. Again. But, overall it was a good thing.

Speaking of good things, I have officially moved into Day 3 of not smoking. Yep, that's right. I went out drinking last night and didn't smoke. Of course, telling my smoker friends that I was trying to quit helped a little. Except for those offering me a cigarette for a dollar. No, they really didn't. In fact, 2 friends at different times of the evening gave me a cigarette, which I placed on the bar in front of me; and if it got bad enough (the cravings) I would pick it up and just smell it, then force myself to put it back down. Probably would have worked better if I had someone light it up, take a drag, then put it out. That way, it would smell "smoked" and not be as flavorful of an aroma. Oh well.

So, Day 3 has started and I don't have the morning craving for one as soon as I wake up. That's good. Also, I feel like I am hacking up a lung. Which is probably also good. Getting all that bad crap outta my system from being a smoker. Well, I know it all ALL the bad crap, but it is some of it from the lung direction anyways. Another day or two of this and it will stop as well... unless I am just sick, and not realizing it. But the rest of me feels ok, so I think I am not sick.

I went out yesterday and bought me a new compilation of Don Williams songs on karaoke disc. That's part of the reason I ended up at the bar last night for karaoke. RM had wore me out yesterday morning, so it was nice to just sit on a stool and drink. My legs are sore this morning, but not near as bad as I thought they would be. I need to get out today at some point and go to the grocery. Need to get the stuff my family is to bring tomorrow. I am almost actually looking forward to getting out to the store, and I hate crowds. Weird. Side effect of the not smoking? You know, hallucinating things/feelings???

In case I don't get some sort of drivel up before tomorrow, I hope all you readers out there have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and hope you are spending it with some sort of family, or good friends!


Tuesday, November 23

Agony of Da-Feet

I am a bit worn out. RM hooked up with me this morning and we did some shopping together. Got some more presents taken care of, and that makes me happy. Did quite a bit of walking around (for me). Then we called up my daughter and met for lunch that RM treated us. She wouldn't let me argue her out of paying for it, but I admit I didn't try real hard neither. After lunch, I had RM go ahead and drop me back off at home. Sitting down for lunch had let my legs get to feeling sore, and I didn't feel up to doing more walking. Besides, I had already talked myself into waiting til tomorrow to get the dinner stuff because I wanted the pie that much fresher. Yeah, I am not good at making excuses, they just come to me. Sometimes.

So it's barely after noon, and I am home. Not tired enough for a nap, and not feeling like sitting at the computer, or watching anything on TV (movies included). Reading.... going to the bar sounds good. But when I go, I tend to smoke, and right now I am on day 2 of not smoking. I don't know what I am going to do. Either way, I drive myself insane it seems. Short trip, I heard you say it.....


Turning of the Seasons

Last night, the RM and PT came by to drop off a pizza. They had gone to Pizza Hut, and without realizing it, their order was messed up. I guess the waitress caught it, and brought them the correct order, and they got to keep the extra pizza for free. It sure was good! But the main I am pointing this out, is that when they came by, I met them outside... in just shorts. It was damn chilly out! PT mentioned it only hit in the 60's during the day (was a bit cloudy was all I noticed) and they were expecting 40's that night, possibly 30's in the outlying areas.

I had been seeing different friends here int he valley mention about the cooler weather, just in time for Thanksgiving, but never thought about winter actually arriving. As I sit here this morning in shorts and sweatshirt hoodie, it's here. Y'all get dressed treatment today!

The Daughter arrived home last night and the boys were happy to see her. Sometimes I am amazed that they miss their sister so much, then I think, heck, the oldest boy is only 12. When he's 15 or so, we'll see a change I am sure. She has her appointment this morning then return to Tucson until Wednesday evening. Then she will be up here for the remainder of the weekend.

Sis gave me my list of things I need to get out and pick up for Thanksgiving dinner. A little more than I usually have to bring, but that's all right. Feel like I am contributing more this way. Starting to really look forward to the turkey!

Alright, I gotta go make sure the Daughter is getting up. See y'all later! Wonder if the RM is gonna call me today for shopping. It's chilly enough I may not want to go....


Monday, November 22

Morning With the Reverend Mother

I guess there are always nice bonuses that happen in life. I figured today was going to be a bit weird since I was up about and hour earlier than normal (for a weekday). Of course I figured correctly. Sometimes, those weird things are pretty decent though. Like this morning....

I was doing my regular morning things, like most people... emails, Facebook and games, etc. I made some comments here and there in FB and did my games. I was reading some updated replies to my comments, and had one from the RM inviting me over for coffee and a visit. No specific day or time was given, just a note that she had taken this week off work, and the invite. So I called her up, got dressed and headed on over. It was nice to sit and visit with RM, as I don't see her too often. Maybe that is what made it better. The coffee was a nice touch, too. Though I think I did most of the talking (bitching is probably more like it) it was still enjoyable. I taught RM how to do pictures/albums on FB, and she shared coffee and one of the Isagenix shakes with me. So that counts as a lunch pretty much.

Sis and her husband came by to return a crock pot RM had left with them last night. It was some chili she had made and taken up north tot he Chili Cook off the church up there had had. So a short visit was done with them as well. Weird us meeting at RM's house, instead of at Sis' like normal. Though, it'll be us and our families come Thursday. Anyway, RM And I made plans for her to give me a call for shopping sometime this week once she figures out what she wants to do. That'll help me get out and do some walking, and both of us have some time together. I know I don't spend as much time with my mother as I should.... and I only live maybe a couple miles from her.

So, like wow. Two posts in one day.... within hours of each other. It sure is nice to have something to write about for a change.... RM gets her own "post label" now....


Early Start

I am up early today. I am hoping it is just because my body is well rested, and not a case of 'messed-up sleeping' again. I know I have been sleeping better at night with the CPAP machine, and having those weird wake up times have pretty much disappeared. I am hoping to not have them anymore.

The Daughter should be in town this evening. She has yet another ortho appointment Tuesday morning then will be headed back to school. Of course, she'll be back up on Wednesday for the holiday weekend. It is extra driving on her part, but she has classes Tuesday and Wednesday.

Saturday was nice. About ten people showed up at the little HS get together. One gal I hadn't seen in 20 years and I had a great time. We ended up at another place doing karaoke for the evening. Sunday morning I actually got up and made it to the ball field to watch some softball. Afterwards, we headed up to the pub for a drink. Subway for lunch and spent the afternoon at home.

RM made some chili over the weekend. She has quite a bit left over I guess, and has asked if we would like some. I do love my chili.... Looking forward to maybe later today getting some.

Doubt I may be doing much in the way of walking for the next day or two. I slipped and fell yesterday and whacked the outer side of that ankle bone. It is quite tender feeling when I put weight on that leg. I am pretty sure I didn't break anything, it just hurts.

Yep, life is pretty boring about now.


Saturday, November 20

Good Morning Blogworld

Saturday is here. I slept in til about 8:30 and then got up. It was nice to stay in bed an extra couple hours.

Nothing exciting this weekend so far. Have a get together tonight with some HS friends. Maybe have something more to post about that tomorrow.

Best reckon I ought to go get dressed about now. Shorts and Tshirt ain't gonna be the thing today.


Friday, November 19

Day Two has Begun

Well, I made it through yesterday. Today I am sure will be a harder challenge in dealing with the cravings. I am prepared to repel the assault though. I am armed with Trident layers gum, and my 2 quarts of LemonBerry Fruit Punch. Hoping the taste of those will help take the edge off any possible cravings.

It's Friday! If you are one of the lucky ones, today you get paid. The rest of us just have to suffer. But we are headed into a weekend followed by a three day work week for many of you. That could be a precursor to good things. I was planning on heading out to Kmart today to try to get some more shopping done, but I think I am pretty much done. I have a few specific people to still get gifts for, but they are not the type I can roam around the store and just find something. I need to write Sis and Stuman to see what we are doing about families too. All the nieces and nephews are getting old enough now that it is getting expensive to shop for them all individually. Maybe we can go to just doing a family gift or something.

The RM says she is going to have some Weight Watcher Key Lime Pie for us at Thanksgiving. I hope they enjoy it. I am not crazy about Key Lime. But it is the whole thought behind it all. I am looking more forward to turkey than anything else. Well, and salad.

Tomorrow night I have a little get together with some people from High School. It'll be nice to catch up a little and reminisce about the old days....


Evening Update: Well, fuck me. We start all over again tomorrow with the no smoking. I got really antsy this afternoon, and found a pack of smokes in the car. I forgot I bought 2 packs the other night when I was out. Good news is, I was able to keep it to a minimum how many I smoked. But that just means, more are left to tempt me through the weekend. Sigh. I am such a wuss.

Thursday, November 18

Day One (Again...)

... grumble ...

Yesterday was the start of my 'no more smoking' campaign. 'Cold Turkey' is what best describes the plan. 'Iced' is how it ended.

I went out to the pub, and ended up spending the evening there with some acquaintances. And as you have probably figured out, yeah, I bought some smokes. Sooooo ..... today I start again. Mid-afternoon now, and no cravings have really appeared. Maybe the alcohol is subduing them. I don't know. Either way, it sucks to have to start all over. Maybe this time I will control myself better.... then again, who knows.

Thanksgiving is in one week. This is usually one of my favorite holidays because it generally is celebrated by gathering for a meal. There are always many dishes to try, and desserts to eat. The bigger your family gathering, the more food there is.... how can one NOT love it? This year it may not be my favorite holiday.... damn diet. Then again, I could always splurge and then work it off by doing something. Heh. Yeah right.

The Wife and I discussed plans for Turkey Day and she conceded the decision to me as to which side of the family we would be getting together with for dinner. I didn't feel like driving up north, so we are going to Sis' house. I called her earlier today to let her know. She and the Reverend Mother will get together and decide who is making what, and then let me know what we need to bring. Stuman and his family are going to his in-law's so they won't be there.

Just watched "Iron Man 2" on dvd. Wasn't bad ... glad I didn't waste the money to see it in the theater though.

Ok, I think I am off to play some Warcraft.


Wednesday, November 17

Day One

In many SciFi films where the main plot is some virus outbreak, or mutations, or similar storyline, there is always a Day One. It's the start of the movie, usually, and gives us a base point to understand how things got to be the away they are throughout the rest of the film/book.

Today is my Day One for no cigarettes. Smoked the last one of my pack last night, and awoke this morning to start this off clean, cold-turkey. So far, things aren't bad, but then I have only been awake maybe a half hour. I give it a couple hours before some craving starts to kick in.

The Wife is home today. Seems she had 1 vacation day that needed to be used up prior to the end of this month. Today is the day she chose. Why a Wednesday, I have no clue, but it worked better into my plans. I was going to borrow the van today and take the youngest son out shopping with me. Figured get some exercise walking around the store, get some Christmas shopping done from him to his siblings, and maybe even get the Wife's birthday stuff taken care of. All within a couple hours. Yeah, gonna see if it can be done, though any start is better than nothing.

The Wife wants the three of us to go have a nice small lunch then somewhere prior to picking up the first of the boys from school (he has early dismissal today). I hope it is somewhere I can have a salad.

Still feeling a bit stiff from sleeping so still through the night. Not as bad as a couple days ago, but still there. Also around my nostrils from wearing the CPAP. Each fades a bit each day as I get used to it all. I am so loving the way I feel more energetic again. It's nice not to have to wake up, and then a couple hours later lay back down because you feel so tired.

That's it for now.


Afternoon Update: Well, got some Christmas shopping done - least, some of it. Took the youngest with me and spent a good hour plus walking through Walmart. Once back home we decided to go out for lunch since the Wife was home. Had a nice endless salad bar lunch at Sizzler, and I was good kept it all to salad and some cottage cheese... though I probably ate too much overall, at least it was better for me than some stuff. Just felt I had to get my money's worth.

The cigarette withdrawals hit this morning as I left Walmart. Had to walk past a few people outside smoking, and the smell brought them on. I have been able to mentally dismiss the cravings so far. Now I got cravings for a drink as well. Trying to talk myself into heading to the bar just for the afternoon. Do some reading in my Kindle... have a few beers. I dunno. I am starting to cave.


Tuesday, November 16

The Results Are In

Last Wednesday was my second doctor appointment, where we had gone over the regular blood test results, sleep study, etc. Friday I got the CPAP machine, though there were issues regarding the oxygen supply (as was coming from a separate supplier). Monday, we got the oxygen taken care of. I have an oxygen concentrator now hooked in line with the CPAP. I am at a low level (1 on whatever measurement scale they use) so it isn't too bad. In fact, I really don't notice any difference with it hooked up. I am under the impression my body is noticing changes, but the change is still large enough just using the CPAP, that consciously, I don't see it.

At my appointment, we also did another blood draw. This one was to check for the sugar percentages, etc. that are a better indicator for diabetes. Diabetes runs through both sides of my family, so I was expecting to probably see some sort of indication of it, though would not know if it was going to be in a range where medication would be required at this immediate time, or if we had some room for "lifestyle changes" to help make the difference.

Today I got the results from the doctor.

The normal Diabetic range is considered to be 6.5% or higher. The higher it is, obviously some sort of control, usually through mediation, is needed. I am at 6.4%, so am just barely under the range to say "I have diabetes." Doc says the good normal range should be under 6%. At this time, he feels that we have some room to maneuver since I am preferring to make changes in my lifestyle, rather than just do medication.

First is to lower my Triglycerides. Options are: 1) lose weight and exercise, 2) use some OTC fish oil/Omega 3 capsules, or 3) use medication. Obvious choice for me is exercise and lose weight. The capsules... I dunno. Maybe as an additional help? I don't know if I want to mess with taking pills if I don't have too, so at this time I think I will work on #1.

Second, I need to increase my HDL/Good Cholesterol. Options are: 1)exercise, 2) stop smoking, 3) use of prescription medication (he notes this is not as effective though). Well, #1 is part of the first item. The stop smoking, well, I felt not ready to give that up when we spoke about it, but I guess it is time to really start to address the issue. More on this at the end.

Third, the blood pressure needs to be lowered. Options are: 1) lose weight and exercise, 2) limit salt - 4 grams or less per day, 3) use a prescription medication, or 4) use the CPAP machine for the sleep apnea. Well, again #1 is in progress, the salt, I guess I just need to watch really salty foods (there go french fries unless I order unsalted.... like that will make a difference). Prescription meds are out - don't want to take the pills if I don't need to, leaving the CPAP, which is already in use, and we will re-address in a few months when we re-evaluate how I am doing.

Right now he recommends 3 months until another appointment unless for other reasons I need to make one. At that time, we will do the EKG, as this last time, the office one was not working, and the replacement one had not arrived. For now, the EKG was not the more important of things, though he would like to make sure no heart things were out of the ordinary, though I have no complaints at this time.

Down to the bottom line. Exercise and weight loss are the very obvious. Though I have lost 10 pounds in the 4 weeks between appointments, much more is needed. With the CPAP machine, I am feeling more energetic due to better sleep, so that will help. Diet is also helping me feel a bit more energetic. I just need to motivate myself more to get out and do some form of exercise. I don't have a gym membership, and not really looking to get one at this time. Walking would be a good place for me to start, and I want to get out and get Christmas shopping done, too, so maybe I can start there. Get to know the store layouts of Wal-Mart, Kmart and the mall. No, not going to Target. I read they are owned by the French...lol.

Smoking is going to be a big step for me as well. having that bad habit since I was 18 is going to be hard to break. Yes, I know it is possible, and you hear stories about it all the time. I have been cutting back over the past handful of years, but we are talking about a complete stop. I know it would be good for me, but in my head, do I really want to stop? Yeah, dilemma there, huh? Well, I got 5 cigarettes left in last pack I have with me. After that, I am going to push for no more. Last attempt I made I was able to go 2 days before I broke down...let's see if I can make it 5 this time. They say after the fifth day, the body isn't craving anymore, and it turns into the mental part of breaking the habit. I am mental enough (take that how you will) that maybe I can do it. No, that IS how I am going to do it (got to be positive about it, right?).

Yeah. Big changes for this big guy. Place your bets now, you might win some money - though not from me.


Monday, November 15

Come Monday

Yeah, another start to another week.

So, Friday I got the CPAP machine finally. I am supposed to have oxygen with it at night, but there was a bot of a screw-up I guess. The guys at Sleepmed that gave me the machine, they do not supply oxygen. The guy that I had the appointment with explained that they notify some supplier and they contact me regarding the oxygen. That afternoon I get a call from this company. They say they are ready to get me set up with the CPAP and the oxygen. I explain that I already have the machine, and am needing just the oxygen. Well, she says that they do not supply just one or the other. They only do both. I gave her the info that Sleepmed is the one that supposedly contacted them to get me oxygen, and I could understand if I didn't get it until Monday since there obviously was some kind of miscommunication between the two companies. She said she would check into the problem and call me back Monday either way - if the would supply the oxygen or not. I said that was fine.

Saturday I get a call from the same gal. Now she was inquiring if I owned the machine, or rented. I said I was under the impression that I owned it, as paperwork I had signed allowed Sleepmed to bill my insurance. She mentioned that they may be able to supply oxygen only as long as I owned the machine, but not if I rented, and she was going to have to check and get back to me on Monday. Again I said that was fine. Now it's Monday and I am waiting a phone call to find out what the hell is going on.

Sleeping with the machine ain't too bad. I am sure a few of you out there probably use, or have used, one before. They seem fairly common anymore. I am using a style that has "nasal pillows" - for those don't know, it is soft, pliable rubber that "sits" against the nostrils with adjustable headband gear to hold it in place. I am impresed how small and quiet the machine actually is - mine even has a humidifier. And it all came in a nice carry-on type shoulder bag, very convenient for traveling, and even just storage.

Last night was my second night using it. I still am a bit sore/tender feeling at my nose - I am sure until I get used to wearing it. I do already feel more alert throughout the day, and not so tired all the time. This morning I woke up feeling pretty stiff as well. I think it is because I actually slept in one position all night because I wasn't waking up so much. Overall, I am feeling better and hope to see more improvement over the course of time.

Thanksgiving is our next holiday coming up. Not sure what we are going to do. I think the in-laws are getting together at an aunt's house in Cottonwood - or is it Prescott? - I can't remember. I think my family is getting together at my sister's place. Wife and I haven't decided this exact minute what we want to do yet.

That's about all I got to say today. Be back maybe tomorrow.


Sunday, November 14

Free form

I am so pissed! My Uncle Mike is possibly dying... not sure. But the guy just went thru a 5 bypass surgery the other day. I get an EMAIL...Yes, one of those from my mother... (hold on, I am pissed) from my mother telling me that he is not doing well.....

I have only 2 uncles left on that side of the family. Yes, I was never close to any, but family is family.

I was never close to either of the remaining uncles. I got no excuses, and I make none. It took to being an adult, late in life to accept them, the two uncles I have left on that side of the family. And I feel I am not closer to either one, no matter what goes on.

Uncle Larry, is a man that I feel intimidated by. He is an aggressive business man. Nothing wrong with that, but yeah, he is at retirement. So? He could stand to teach alot, or throw pointers to. I have not seen him much. Maybe that is my issue, as well as his. He has much to share in that sense.

Uncle Mike is almost an opposite of Uncle Larry. UM likes to get drunk, play guitar and live life like he's pulling some big-ass fish from the water. Or maybe he's just got his guitar at the bar and feels like singing.

Those two brothers, are like opposites. And to this day, they won't talk to each other. And I am supposed to love them both.

I ain't asking for nothing. I never have asked of anything from these two uncles. But if I did, it would be for both of them to get off their own asses and say "sorry" for whatever pissed the other one off. Make me a happier nephew.

And if they didn't. (shrug). I can't control the thoughts of men. Never tried to. Just wanted to have a happy ending... no matter what. Yeah, I know. Fuck me.


Friday, November 12

Just a Blurb

I had my appointment for the CPAP machine today. Thirty minutes of him showing me how to hook it all together, operate, take apart for cleaning, and storage. Comes in a nice carry-on type bag with handle and shoulder strap... very fashionable. I am anxious to get started using it this evening, just because the thought of getting a full night's undisturbed sleep, and to awaken feeling rested with more energy, is beyond my comprehension right now. I am excited.

Though, now I need to wait for the "Oxygen Man". No, he's not a superhero or anything like that. I guess the doc had ordered me on oxygen while using the CPAP, so they deliver separate than the machine people. You would think they would do it all together, but they don't. So whatever company does the oxygen supply has to contact me and arrange delivery so I can attach and use that as well.

So, I now have two additional companies for supplies, renewals/recharges/replacements all at different times. Plus a "cleaning" schedule for the different apparatus (es?) of the CPAP machine, all to remember.... yeah, better rest should help memory, right? Thank goodness there is a guideline written down for all that crap.

Yesterday I took my oldest son for the afternoon and we spent it playing games. Today is the middle son's turn. We just finished lunch and he is playing around waiting on me to get into WoW so we can hook up and "run our characters" together. It's great doing even this kind of time together... beats none at all!


Thursday, November 11

Some Good Amongst the Bad

I had my doctor's appointment yesterday. Believe or not, it was pretty much good news. I've lost 10 lbs in 4 weeks. I have only cut portions basically so far. Blood was drawn for an AoneC test regarding sugar in the blood. Based on the results for this will see if I need any type of medication, as well as if I have diabetes.

Today I have an appointment to get my CPAP machine. Seems in my sleep study, my sleep interrupted 106 times. One of the very rare times the doc said he has seen it that high. After they had hooked me to a CPAP the number dropped to 8. My oxygen levels were dropping to 72% (normal is 96-98%) so this should really help. I am hoping just to sleep good and actually awake refreshed feeling and maybe have a little more energy.

Nothing else much going on. Trying to get this stuff done so I can be healthier.


Tuesday, November 9

Never Funny When It Happens to You

So I am all pissed off about this incorrect billing and all from Verizon, thinking once again, I am getting screwed by some major corporation, and there is nothing I can do about it. My Wife spent some time going over the billing and comparing it to the phone plan we have, etc. Seems she said it is a correct billing. Our daughter's new plan they switched to was not on that billing and she had gone over her text limit quite a bit. Sigh. A call to her to cut back until we know things are on the new plan where she has more texts available. Either way, I can't win.

Have a doctor's appointment in the morning. I hope to have lost a good 10 pounds, but will be more realistic and  say at least 5. It's a start. Eating healthier has made me feel a little better. We will go over my sleep study results as well, and will get the final determination about using a CPAP or not. I thin I will have to use one, and that can help me feel better too, as I hopefully will sleep better and not feel as tired as I do all the time.

Oldest son was out from school yesterday sick. He seemed to feel a little better last night, but do not know if his mother sent to him to school today or not. Middle son seems ok... will know more in a few days I am sure.

Christmas season is pretty much started. I need to get out and start doing the store rounds now before the crowds go crazy. It'll help with exercise too, all that walking. Maybe I can start later this week. Going to have to check with the Wife since we had that huge Verizon bill.


Sunday, November 7

Warming Up the Anal Lube

My stomach is in knots and hurts like hell. What started out as a good weekend has just gone to shit.

This afternoon, my oldest son starts coughing a bit. His temperature is 100.7 and he felt bad enough that he actually went and laid down early this evening. The Wife gave him some cough medicine to help. Then a few hours later, the middle son starts to cough. I don't know if it is sympathy coughs, or he is coming don with the same thing.

We had just got the boys to bed a short time ago, and the Wife was going through the bills to get them paid. This is where it starts hurting....

Opened our current Verizon bill, for our cell phones. First, she opened a notice stating we owe almost $1500. We're both like WTF?!? No explanation, just a "Due Now" notice. She locates the actual current billing and it has the same amount. HUH?! Reviewing it, it turns out it is the daughter's phone that is causing this billing issue. The Wife and daughter had gone in over a month ago, to the actual store, to replace the daughter's phone as it wasn't working properly. As usual, they did not have the exact model she had, but had an equivalent. Also, since the cell phone plan in place was previously from when it switched from Alltel (supposedly - though we had been in twice and changed plans to Verizon ones since) they had to re-adjust her plan.

So, last billing, things were normal. This month, suddenly, the plan is not set up the way it was to be done from their visit, and we have a balance due of $1500. I am just fucking livid, and know I cannot do anything until tomorrow... and even then have to wait for the Wife to get off work to go with me to the store as I have no idea what plan they set up specifically. So another 20 hours of dealing with this. Wife is on the phone with the daughter telling her to chill on the texting until we get this straightened out... as even the # of texts she did last month would have exceeded the plan they set up .... Fuck, I don't know what to do at this point. $1500 is alot for damn cell phone bill.

Now the older son has complained it is starting to hurt as he breathes. The Wife thinks he may be coming down with the respiratory flu. She and I both have had our shots, but with three boys, it is still going to run rampant in the household.

Just a fucked up, screw me in the ass thing. Life was getting too nice for me I guess.


Thursday, November 4

I'm Not Really Crying

Between yesterday, and so far into today, I have not been tremendously happy. I don't know what has brought it on, but my allergies have awoken and are making up for all the times they weren't around before. I am talking to the point I have sneeze fits just minutes apart, the whole runny nose bit, and let's not start about the itchy, watery eyes. The regular OTC meds I take usually help but this time, it doesn't seem to be doing anything. I am hoping I don't need something stronger, like a prescription. Find out if they are still bugging me at my Dr's appt in the next week or so.

So Tuesday was nice. When we picked up my daughter's car, there was no charge for anything. The fluid levels were fine, and no new brakes. That was nice considering how much we have spent there this year on the van. As for the voting results, I am happy about a couple of them.... Jan Brewer is still Gov, and the 'medical marijauna' did not pass here. I believe my brother voted opposite me on both those, but I don't think he read through the full information on them. Like most people... just heard some aspect that sounded good to them, and went with it.

That's all for now.


Tuesday, November 2

Did YOU do IT Today?

It is a voting day. Did you do your American Right? Did you take the opportunity to be able to bitch about politics for the next 2 years? Because if not, you need to shut yer hole!

I voted. About 3 weeks ago. I am on the early ballot list here where I live, and I love the chance to be able to peruse all the issues and candidates in plenty of time as I mark my selections. So far, in this and past elections, the candidates I chose have not at the last minute done some God-forsaken act that would change my opinion. May that trend last forever (fingers crossed).

This time around, they did not enclose my little sticker that says "I Voted!" in my ballot. Past times they have. I fixed it though. Not only did I go by the polling place to drop off the Wife's ballot (she didn't have her's done in time to mail) but I took my daughter for her first time. No lines. Lots of stickers. I made sure we both got one, and that she displayed hers on her chest as well... though not in such a way that guys would be staring at her chest more than they should - it's my daughter after all.

What was really nice, is we had taken her car into the garage first. Then the voting place. Ten we went to Denny's for breakfast. This is the first time we have sat down just the two of us and talked, since she first went away to college. If you are a regular reader, you know some of the issues we had while she lived at home. It was a great morning, a great breakfast, and great discussion.

So, the garage calls... her brakes are fine (thought we needed to replace due to the squeaking) and no replacement needed. They topped of her fluids, blew the dust out. Hoping they call with it ready in the next few minutes, otherwise I run her to her appt first.

Damn good day!