Tuesday, April 30

Reasons For My Crying

The Heat has finally shown itself here in Arizona. The other day we hit 100 for the first time this year, and it won't cool off back to 90's for a day or two yet. At least it has happened later this year than last year. I am still not looking forward to those hot summer days.

Having replaced out bed this last weekend, I have been fairly miserable the past few days. I think it was all the dust bunnies and kin that are doing it. My allergies have been acting up, and have had a sinus headache off and on for the past 2 days. The itchy, watery eyes make it a pain to read or concentrate on anything for any length of time. Sleeping is great, as I seem to clear up somewhat when I do sleep, but upon awakening, within 15 minutes it is all back again.

Ran my van through emissions yesterday, and completed the online registration for it to cover the next two years. For once, I admit it is nice having an older vehicle as the pricing for the registration goes down more each time. This year it was under $90 for the two year registration.

The Reverend Mother is doing a mini vacation to Indiana and leaves tomorrow. This coming weekend she will be participating in the mini marathon that takes place in Indianapolis each year. She and Preacher Tom went last year, and completed it. This year she is going alone (from here) and doing the marathon with my Aunt Nina. The past several months RM has been working on being in shape for the event, and I think she will do fine.

Last week when I did my weigh-in, I was down to the lowest weight I have been in years. I was only two pounds off from the goal I set last year, even if it is nearly 4 months late. With my allergies acting up, I have not made it into the gym yet this week. Mainly because I don't think they want to see someone blowing their nose constantly while using the equipment. Either way I will need to get in tomorrow for my weekly weight. So today will be a light eating day. I have been trying to go a couple days at a time with a strict eating routine, then have a day or two where I sort of eat regular. It seems to be working, but will know for sure once I weigh in.

Still looking for work. I have been trying to follow up on the online applications I have put in, but each time I get referred to a corporate HR department, and never have been able to get in touch with a live person. Part of the problem with such large companies I guess. A couple of other opportunities have been filled, so have scratched them off my list. My buddy don is checking with his company for a position that sounds like a good chance of me getting. I will check with him after bit to see if he has heard anything new about them opening up the position so I can apply.

And to top off the morning, I just received a text message asking "Cole u comin to school" quickly followed by a second text saying "nevermind". I looked up the number on Google, and it says it is in the Midvale, UT area, based on area code and prefix. I know someone that lives up in SLC, but don't think she ever had my number. Tried to think of some snappy comeback to text back, followed with a 'Have a good day anyways' but nothing came to mind, and the moment has probably passed now.

Edit: My mystery text this morning contacted me again, about 3-4 hours later, with the inquiry, "It's Anna u in pe". Naturally I assumed this was meant for "Cole" as was the earlier text. However, I thought I would say something back, though nothing came immediately to mind that would be witty. Instead I said, simply, "Anna, I think you wanted to text Cole, not me. But since you asked, I am not in P.E. Instead I am enjoying myself, partaking an adult beverage in a rather seedy establishment." Actually I was on the bed reading a book, but it's the thought. Within about 20 minutes, she replied back, twice, with the message of "who r u". By then I was bored of the whole deciphering of the grammar, and figured anything I said would be beyond their understanding, and just ignored the texts. nothing has come in since then, though, I secretly hope they screw up a text again soon. But then again, I don't need to be texting some high school aged female either. That would not be good appearances.


Monday, April 29

More Monday Whinings

I am still sore today from all the furniture moving we have done over the weekend, so I am not making my regular trip to the gym today. I will say it feels great to be sleeping on a bed that doesn't sag, and offers better support than our previous one. Our living room still has some boxes of stuff the Wife will need to go through and organize, to be placed in the new cabinets she purchased as well. I'm just glad it isn't my stuff. Bad enough she has to ask my opinion about half of the stuff anyways.

Well, and now the morning is starting off crappier. The Wife was late getting up , and now she is screaming about the boys not being ready. Yup. Going to be one of them days.


Saturday, April 27

Getting Some New Stuff

It appears that we will be getting a new bed finally. The one we have had, is very well used, as it has sagging portions (more so from where I sleep), and the rails have bent slowly over the years. Seems we have had this one for about 12 years. My BIL has a box truck and is picking up a newer washer/dryer combo for the MIL, and we asked about being able to pick up new springs and mattress for us. So I will be hauling out the old, and putting in the new hopefully later today.

Luckily, bulk trash pickup is in about a week, and we will be able to have them haul all the old stuff away, as well as some other stuff we have sitting out by our cans that needs to go to the dump. That stuff that is too big to fit into our trash can. I hope to add to all that this week some more bags full of yard clean-up as well.

So, since I will be busy with that, I suppose I won't have much time for much else today.


Friday, April 26

Having A Field Day

The two younger boys are having Field Days at school this week. One of them was yesterday, the other is today. I suppose the Wife will want me to attend to take pictures, though I have no desire to be standing around taking pictures.I'm not great around small kids, and not a photo enthusiast, not even an amateur photographer.

It is Friday though, and that brings the usual good connotations. Not that I have anything planned for this weekend, though I do admit I need to get my van through emissions at some point before Tuesday. I keep forgetting about it.

Well, my mind is drawing blanks this morning again. But at least my coffee is good.


Wednesday, April 24

Write About What?

Today is one of those days where I just don't have anything that leaps to the front of my mind to write about. Not that I have a certain topic everyday, but you know what I mean. So I guess I will just throw in some filler today.

This is the earworm I woke up with today. I have one of Roger Whittaker's albums on cassette, though I don't have any cassette players any longer. The one in my van quit working months ago. For some reason though, it was my earworm. I sat here and hummed it for about a half hour before deciding to try to see if YouTube actually would have it. Then I spent the next hour or so going through any song by RW I could find. Came across a few that I had never heard before (as I said, I only had the one album), and I was just amazed. One of my new favorites now is:

I played that one and was like.... WOW! Of course, that made me go even longer searching videos on YouTube for RW whistling, then into whistling contests, etc. Either way, back to RW. Since I am using him to fill space here today, I'll close out with his #1 chart topper in the US back in the 70's.

One of my Dad's favorites back when he was alive. I have it on karaoke disc, and break it out every once in awhile to do. Sis hates it when I do it if she is out with me as it always makes her cry. 


Tuesday, April 23

Bits and Pieces

Too much. Everything has been too much f late it seems. Well, actually, I mean only two main things, but I am sure I can make it fit other things. I ate too much last night, but hey! It WAS the buffet, and it WAS for PT's birthday. And I am too sore to go to the gym today. Those few short minutes I was actually on the elliptical yesterday has made it possible to walk funny and groan every few steps.

There's other stuff that I think is too much. Obamacare. Gun control. Illegal aliens. Decreased military force size.

Oh, the list is endless.


There is too much of this going on, because there is too little of what is needed. How are you doing your part?


Monday, April 22

Unnecessary Worries

I began to worry yesterday about my weight. I had not gone into the gym all week last week, and I honestly do not remember why I did not. It probably started early in the week and I just didn't feel like going. You know, that whole being lazy thing. Somehow it ended up carrying through the whole week. Aside from that, but I have a weekly bet going on with a buddy about both of us losing weight. Last week he was out of town on vacation, so we weren't required to weigh in, but that is back on this week. I worried that by not going to the gym, and I felt like I ate more than I usually do (as in larger portions, not more times). I was determined to get back in the gym this morning, and though it took quite a bit of mentally kicking my ass, I went. As usual, I weighed myself once I got there. See, it was needless worry. I had dropped 3 pounds since the week before last. So I am 2 inches closer to the goal. Plus, it makes a better chance for me to win this week with my buddy.

The Wife had done a Market on the Move (type of Farmer's Market for a fee) the weekend before last and had picked up quite a bit of food. We have had three boxes, partially filled - not overflowing - of miscellaneous veggies. I didn't say anything, as sometimes with the amount she gets, she will give out different portions to co-workers, friends, etc. Last night she used up the corn on the cob into some dish she fried up. It was like corn, red peppers, onions, seasoned with some black pepper and onion/garlic salt, all sort of sauteed in butter. It was damn good for a spur of the moment, what can we use the corn with thing to go with the mashed potatoes and country pork ribs we had. The Wife does an awesome job with those types of things. She never makes it the same way twice, since it isn't any recipe. but back to the produce. So last night she tells me that she has all these cucumbers to be used. When I asked her why she even bothered to get so many, as even if I eat some for snacks, there is enough that they will go bad before they get used. Her reply was that since I like pickles so much, that I could make them with the cukes from Reverend Mother's bread & butter pickle recipe. There are like 15 fairly large cukes, and I know I don't have the jars to store all that many pickles. I have a gallon one that I used last time, and it will hold about 6 cucumbers worth. Either way, I will need to go to the store probably tomorrow to renew the supplies I need to make the pickles. At least she thought of me, I guess.

Today is Preacher Tom's birthday, and RM has invited the families together to go to Old Country Buffet for dinner tonight. Another chance for me to stuff myself and gain weight. We'll see how that works tomorrow morning at the gym. I think I shall rest a bit today, as I can feel today's workout already beginning to stiffen up some muscles.


Saturday, April 20

Spring Cleaning in the Heat

I decided to do something productive today, and started going through some items I had stacking up for awhile. Sad part is, it was stacking up on my nightstand. Besides miscellaneous papers, coins, misc. receipts, etc. I was also finding stuff from 7-10 years ago. Came across a handful of pictures that I will need to scan. Stirred up enough dust to make the nose and eyes think that allergy season was nothing compared to this. I did say it had been awhile since I went through the stuff....

Now that my eyes are running, and nose is flowing, I am stopping. I got most of it done, and now need a break. Preferably out of the house. The Wife s taking the boys to some pizza party of a friend she knows. I need to go get PT a birthday gift for his Bday on Monday. Then I think I shall go have some beer.


Friday, April 19

Free Friday

Sitting here eating breakfast, and drinking coffee, I realized I have a free day today. By free, I mean I have nothing that has to be done today. Running the oldest son to school an hour ago was the only thing I had planned. Sure I could go to the gym, but I just don't feel like it today. I haven't been all week since I was so sore from last Sunday. I am sure I gained a couple pounds.

No major plans for the weekend either. I suppose at some point I will need to get out and get Preacher Tom a gift for his birthday, which we are celebrating on Monday evening. The Wife said this morning that the snooze button on our alarm clock has stopped working, so we need to get a new one. Of course, if she would just get up when it goes off, it would still work fine. But I am not going to go to that argument. I'd lose no matter what.

I just don't know what I am going to do today. It's kind of nice.


Wednesday, April 17

Some Random Stuff

Just got back a bit ago from having breakfast with Preacher Tom this morning. He needed to drop his car off at the shop to have something done, I don't know what, and had asked me to pick him up. PT threw in breakfast, so we went to Denny's as it was fairly close. I am stuffed right now. I had just the Santa Fe skillet, ate it all, and I should have stopped about 2/3 of the way through it. Lunch will be skipped today, and maybe a light snack about 3'ish, before I head out for the pool league tonight. Within the next hour I will be running PT back to the shop, then am headed out to get a haircut.

Still looking for work, and waiting for any of the previous apps I have done to contact me. Nothing as of yet. Last night I got another possible job lead that sounds good, but it won't be available for about a month. I am hoping to get an early start on it, as it is through a company one of my friends work for. Be a fairly nice job, and would leave evenings and Sundays free, and only a few hours on Saturdays.

The Reverend Mother is excited today. Her office is doing a big contest in regards to better health and weight-loss. This is about week 7 or 8, and is 14-weeks long. There is a cash payout for 1st-3rd of those that lose the most per BMI (Body Mass Index) rather than actual just pounds off. It's not my place to share how much she has lost, but PT was telling me this morning, as of last week, she was in 2nd place, which has a few hundred dollars payout if she makes that (or better) at the end. At breakfast she texted she had dropped a bit more after the weigh-in today. PT mentioned he has lost a few, too.

I haven't weighed myself this week as of yet. My weekly bet with my buddy is off this week, as he is out of town on vacation. We will resume next week, so I need to get my butt working out to lose some pounds. Last week I dropped back to the all-time lowest I had held a couple weeks before. Which is close to the goal I had set for last year's end. I feel a bit like I have plateaued, but know it is just a matter of pushing a bit more on the workouts and eating less/eating healthier.

I know I am not sharing everything with you, just the boring stuff. But sometimes, I sit here and sigh, thinking about everything going on that needs to get done. Then I wonder how am I supposed to make it all happen. One thing at a time....


Tuesday, April 16

Burying the Hatchet - In the Chair

Today I am hoping to lay to rest my computer desk chair. I have had it only a fairly short time, maybe a year or so. I have a feeling I will miss it. Chair was found at Savers (a Goodwill-type store) and once I tried it out, knew it would come home with me. Even Rusty, the demon-spawn cat, likes chair, as it shows his many times of claw sharpening upon the back corners. Chair has succumbed to the abuse we have put it through, and now cannot seem to stay in a normal position. Chair tends to lean to either side, enough that the seated is unbalanced and falls out of it. I speak from experience. I am sure the children were helpful in Chair's decline, by sitting on the arms of it, or standing on them. Yes, I truly caught them at that one.

I will be visiting Savers again today, or possibly even Goodwill, to find a replacement hopefully. One that leans back, and is cushioned in just the right places so I feel comfortable no mater if I am playing games, or writing correspondence. When it came to color of Chair, I am no racist, but do prefer a darker color. I may even luck out to get one that Rusty will not love so much.

Now you know what my day is filled with doing. I'm just waiting until 9am then I'll be gone for maybe an hour. I just hope to find something to replace this one.

Last night the Wife and I did the Midnight Dash to the only Post Office open in the greater Phoenix area. Which amounts to about 20 minutes of freeway driving at that hour. We lucked out and got there shortly after 11pm, so the traffic had not gotten terribly bad. We were able to get both State and Federal taxes in well before midnight. Other than being a little more tired than usual today from staying up almost 3 hours past my regular bedtime, things are good. Well, except I need to get a new computer chair.

Edit: I got up to Savers at 9am when they opened. There was only one chair with rollers there, that looked sort of like a computer chair. It's appearance was more like one of those gray cloth/light-colored wood deals that they use at those desk/countertop things in some homes. Either way, it was the only thing they had, and it was marked for $6.99. So I fugured seven bucks isn't terrible for a chair I really need. I tested it out, leaning all over th eplace, and all - felt good. Got to the counter, and it must have been a discount day, because the total price I paid was $5.73. Woot!


Monday, April 15

Take What I Can Get

Yesterday was one heck of a day. As usual, I attended the Church of Holy Beer and Softball, as it was time to start our tournament to end up the season. Originally, it had been delayed a week, as the City of Phoenix was to irrigate the fields where we play. however, for whatever reason, that was changed to next week, and we were told we were playing. Which meant part of our team was not going to be there. Once they had found out we were not playing, some had other plans to be gone. Which meant we were short a few players.

Normally, this is not a huge issue, as we are allowed to recruit 'pick-up' players as long as we have seven original team members. Granted, we lose a couple runs if we pick up more than one, but sometimes it is worth it. For tournament though, no pick-up players are allowed. This time around was different. Due to the short notice change of date, we were allowed to use them. But, they could not be from another team supposedly. This meant, I had to play.

I don't mind playing as a rule. I have lost enough weight, and am more able to play than I was a year ago. And I have filled in as needed over the past couple seasons, usually for an inning or two. Yesterday I ended up playing two whole games, in a position I don't normally play. Needless to say, I was not the best third baseman our team has ever had, but I did contribute a couple outs. Plus my batting skills have not deteriorated as I feared they might have. Now, base running ... I had to have some help there, using a courtesy runner if I made base.

After my last at bat, where I had hit a simple bloop into right field, and made first, I was walking in front of the stands on the first base side (we were playing on the other side). One of the teams tat had played the game before ours were sitting there, and I heard someone comment, "I never seen a fat fucker run so fast in my life!" It was not yelled out, more like someone just commenting to another person. I kept walking back to the side were on.

I know there was a hidden compliment in there....


Friday, April 12

Not So Thrilling Friday

Most people get a little 'jazzed up' on Fridays. I think because for so many, it is the final work day of the week. It could be they have fun, or exciting, plans for the weekend. Or maybe they are just happy to be able to relax a couple days. My Friday is not particularly exciting. I have errands the Wife wants me to run: to the bank, then to the store to pick up a pork shoulder. Yee haw, huh?

I am about an hour ahead of my regular daily schedule. I feel a bit off because of it. But hey, you already knew I was off.


Thursday, April 11

Sometimes, Technology Stinks

I just spent the last hour doing an online job application. For a grocery store. Yesterday I had walked in to the store that we prefer to shop at, to inquire about picking up an employment application. I was told that they no longer give them out, that applying online was the only option. Today I went to the website, and found where I needed to go in order to complete the application. An hour later, here I am. No closer to having a job. Not even a thank you email for applying. Just a brief note at the end of the 20 pages of psych evaluation questions that says if I meet any requirements for any positions, they will contact me. Not even a 'We are not hiring at this time'.

These online applications are beginning to frustrate me more and more these days. I know the Reverend Mother did many of them as well, when she was looking for work, and I am sure she can agree. They are ridiculous. I understand for high-paying positions, like upper management, CEO, etc. that it is more beneficial to help weed out some. But for a grocery store? Unless I was applying for a particular position (baker, pharmacist, produce manager) why the psych eval? I am okay with sweeping floors, bagging groceries, and doing the cart round-up. I just don't get it.

I miss the days when you went in somewhere, you filled out the app, and possibly met with someone momentarily to make a first impression. I guess no one wants to see anyone nowadays. Avoid all physical confrontation, until we have to do an interview. It's all giving me a headache. Seriously. My head hurts.

Preacher Tom made a comment to me about a week ago. Along the lines of it is easier for me, in looking for a job. He was referring to my age, compared to his (as he is still looking for work as well). I told him it doesn't make a difference anymore about my age. No one knows my age when I do online applications. They don't ask for a birthdate, or age. That whole discrimination thing. What I get are 'You are over qualified' without anyone caring to hear why I am even applying. It's not to hold me over until something better comes along. It's to work. To earn a paycheck.

I just. Can't. Win.



Wednesday, April 10

Trying To Get The Timing Down

I have finally come to the conclusion that there is no hope of me writing any kind of a novel at this time in my life. For the past couple years I have tried at different times to see what comes up, and it just doesn't work. Of course, that doesn't surprise any of you, as you read my posts, and it is easy to see it probably is not material that would do well in a book. Short stories is one thing, and those are so few and far between for me that I am just putting that dream away for a few years. Maybe then I will dust it off and see what happens.

In the meantime, I might as well just stick with something I feel I do well - bitch about everything. Well, I know there are a few other things I do well (get your head out of the gutter, because I didn't mean that). Since I am an avid reader, it would be nice to do something with that skill. I suppose I can try to start doing book reviews. If I am able to write a review, giving the appearance of a professional writer, who knows, it could lead to a paying gig. It sort of would be nice to be able to read some literary works before they are printed for the public. Though, I am sure it is likely that there will be many that suck, and few that are golden treasures, all from my viewpoint that is.

I spent a couple hours or so reading up from random websites about how to become a good book reviewer, who to contact, how to write them, etc. Maybe that is a bit more than I can do. Obviously, if I had started this idea 5 years ago, I wouldn't be where I am now. But that's moot. I think I shall start it up, and just take it easy getting it going. Start a blog that is dedicated to reviews, looks professional, write some good pieces. Of course, that is all my opinion. Who knows what will happen.

In the meantime, I still need to find a job. Heading out this afternoon to check a couple places and do the application process.


Tuesday, April 9

Nothing Like A River Pouring Down the Throat

The wind decided to visit Arizona yesterday. Normally, that isn't a bad thing. A nice little breeze when it is 110+ in the summer is always nice, and with the weather in the 90's right now, it makes it feel like a very nice spring. However, it was gusting up to 50+ mph yesterday, which does not bode well for those of us with allergies. By noon, there was a brown cloud over Phoenix, and I couldn't even seen the mountain that is a mile from our house.

I knew what was coming. Past experience had taught me that I was going to be blowing my nose like crazy, and sneezing. Let's not leave out the itchy, watery eyes, too. But I was surprised. Even int the evening, none of that had happened. I had hoped staying indoors with windows shut would prevent it, and it seemed to have worked. Some showers came about in the evening and through the night, so I hoped that it would clear the dust and other crap in the air.

This morning, I have a river pouring down my throat from my sinuses, and my eyes are watering. No sneezing (yet - crossing fingers). But that tickling from the drainage is already bothering me, by making me cough quite a bit. My abs are sore from the crunches I did yesterday to top of my inconveniences. Woe is me.

Either way I need to get out in the world today to hopefully stop at a few places and do applications. I figured I should wait until I a more respectable hour,say 9-10, before I start.

What a fun day. Yee. Haw.


Monday, April 8

I Am Beat

What a long weekend. I knew there were things going on that we were obligated to attend, and then the other things that had been scheduled. But I didn't think I would be so feeling so tired after it all. I do admit, however, that I am sure I am not feeling as sore and tired as the rest of my family is this morning.

Saturday morning found the Wife, our kids (including the Daughter), plus two of the Wife's brothers, their kids (teenage or older), and the MIL, all hiked up Shaw Butte Mountain to spread a small amount of my FIL's ashes there. My FIL had hiked that mountain trail (about 1.5 miles base to tip) several times a week for many years. At times, he would hike it more often, when preparing for one of his twice yearly Grand Canyon hikes. About a week ago, one of the other brothers had been in town, and they had made that hike for the same reason then as well, though the MIL didn't go. Needless to say, I know the Wife and my kids were pretty worn out after that. The Wife had sprained her ankle a bit earlier in the week, so was dealing with that pain as she hiked.

Saturday afternoon and into the evening was spent at the memorial service for the FIL. As a worker with the American Missionary Fellowship, he had been in charge of helping start and maintain churches throughout all of Arizona. The number of people whose lives he had touched was quite amazing, and many had stories to share during the open-mic part of the service. It was another couple of hours it seemed, after the service before we were able to leave, as everyone was catching up, and sharing more stories. Myself not being much of a crowd person, and not knowing so many of the people, was quite anxious to leave. About 9:30pm the Daughter swung by to pick up some things, as she was staying with her cousin at MIL's, and noticed the Wife's van had a tire leak. So I had to do a tire change at that late hour, rather than do it at 5am Sunday morning.

Sunday morning, the Wife and kids were participating in a 1K/5K walk/run to benefit Parkinson's. Already they were feeling sore, and the Wife's ankle was bothering her, but they all completed their events. A niece and nephew had joined them that morning and did it as well, the nephew winning the first in his age division. Myself, I had a couple softball games to play. The afternoon was spent spending time with family as one brother was to leave back to Florida this morning. Both families and the MIL went to dinner last night at one of our favorites, Black Bear Diner.

Monday morning has played out the same as a regular one, excluding the extra trip I have done to get a new tire for the one that went flat. I will have to put it back on when the Wife gets home tonight. I didn't get much of a chance to talk to her this morning, to see how she was feeling, but I am sure she is quite sore. The oldest son said he didn't feel too bad. Darn young'ins. I went to the gym, and am still down at the lowest I have been, though I haven't been able to drop just a bit more as of yet. After this weekend, I thought I may have ended up gaining several pounds, with all the family dinners together, but thankfully I haven't.

I did not sleep well last night, tossing and turning. I don't know if it was just being mentally drained, or what. Today I think I will relax here at home, maybe have a nap this afternoon. Tomorrow I will need to get out and do some more applications at places. The need for a job is getting pretty strong at this point.


Friday, April 5

Yea! It's Friday!

For no other reason, I'm glad it is Friday. Maybe just because I know it is the end of the week. Maybe because it is a day I usually (though not always) hang out with a few of my friends. Maybe it's just because we are socially trained to think of nothing but good things in relation to Fridays. Don't know. Don't care.

Tomorrow the services for my FIL will be taking place. It would be nice to just finally get that all done and over with. I know I am being a bit callous, but I would just prefer it all to sort of just, go away. I'm being selfish, I am sure. The Wife has today off from work, as she wants to spend some time with one brother that has flown in from out of state. I am still trying to figure out what her plans are, so I can plan my day around hers, or if she needs me to help with something so that I am available. Last night, all she said was she had no clue what she planned on doing. Sigh.

Sunday the family is doing the Parkinson's Walk. The Daughter and two younger boys are doing the 1K walk, and then the Wife and oldest son are doing the 5K run. Me? Well, I'll be at the Church of Holy Beer and Softball.


Thursday, April 4

Banging My Head On The Desk

Alcohol makes me very vociferous about things. Even when it is just a blog post, or a Facebook status. I admit, I had a few last night, and though I wasn't falling down drunk, I still shouldn't get on Facebook. Evidently I read someone's status crap and it sort of pissed me off. I know they are just trying to show "positive thoughts and inspirations" but it just makes me think they are a two-faced f*ckhead. Either way, I hadn't realized I had even made a blog post last night, until I read RM's blog this afternoon. I had sort of slept in today, so am running behind my regular schedule of things. Her post was about opinions, whether they are ours, or hearing others. When she mentioned my post, that sinking stomach feeling came, and I hurriedly read what I posted. It is now a draft.

I don't care who reads my posts, as they are only my opinions, rants, and raves. I don't care if they agree or not. Frankly, I am so apathetic about it, I don't know why I am making such a deal of it. Maybe I do care, somewhat, in some way. I pulled it from view because I thought it was written poorly. Not that I am a great writer, full of prolific thoughts. It was a rant, and a poorly worded one I feel.

So why am I explaining to you? I don't know.


Wednesday, April 3

Having Second Breakfast

If any of you have seen "The Fellowship of the Ring" there is a bit of humor in it, where the hobbits are reprimanded for starting a fire, in which they were cooking second supper. There were also a couple other spots where comedy was made about second lunches, third teas, etc. This morning I am having Second Breakfast. Well, maybe it is more breakfast seconds. I don't know. But it is the leftovers I took home from breakfast with PT yesterday. He had ordered a Mexican skillet, and it was loaded, so he shared some if it with me, and there was still some to take home after he was finished. I had my regular there, the Nicholson (spelling?) which a hash brown stuffed omelet with a bunch of other good stuff in there. I can't remember all that goes into it, but it is huge and good. There was about a third of that to eat this morning as well as a piece of toast.

That being shared, and now you are salivating, it is hump day, and I have nothing major on the agenda. Figured I may get up to Wallyworld today to put in an application. Then maybe shoot over to Kmart. I applied online Monday with Walgreens. It's getting to be a bitch trying to find a job.

Then when I come home, I suppose I shall play World of Warcraft, to try to fight the urge to go drinking. We'll have to see how that works out.


Tuesday, April 2

No Thoughts

I have nothing I can think about writing today. Oh, wait. I just blew that one.

Not much to say. Getting ready to head out to breakfast with Preacher Tom this morning. Not quite sure where that will lead me to.

But man, am I hungry.


Monday, April 1

The Problem With Family Gatherings ....

Most people that I know, get along with their extended families pretty well. By extended, I mean, more than just the immediate family. If you're married with kids, I refer to your parents, siblings and their families, maybe even go so far as uncles,aunts, and cousins, too. But for a few holidays of the year, getting the family together is expected. Well, I say most, though I could be statistically wrong, I don't know. Either way, I am referencing my family for the most part, because, as a compliment to them, we're pretty normal I think.

So the family all gets together at one family's house, in our case it was Sis', and proceed to have little kids running and screaming throughout, the teenagers avoiding the adults, and the adults sitting around watching TV. Yeah, matches what happened yesterday pretty much. For us, it was a normal gathering. Don't get me wrong, there was maybe a bit of 'catching up' between some people. I think most of us know what is going on with the others enough that there usually isn't much else to catch up on. Maybe just little snippets they want to share.

But what I hate about family gatherings of this sort, is the food. Granted, I don't put much say-so into what is being fixed, or how, and I don't eagerly offer to fix and bring as much as possible. Shrug. I'm a guy that doesn't care to be cooking all that. Sis and Rev. Mom do a good job of it all, organizing and deciding who is bringing what. I offered to bring something this time around, but I guess it wasn't needed. It was said that maybe Memorial Day I can bring the dessert - or part of it anyways. I haven't committed to it yet. The food was great: deviled eggs, salad, ham, yams, green bean casserole, strawberries, chips, and for dessert, key lime and vanilla pudding pies. I forgot to mention, the Olive Garden dressing for the salad - I love that stuff.

I ate too much.

I know, you're supposed to pack it in, so no one has to fight over what leftovers to take home, et cetera, et cetera. I am not putting all the blame on just Sunday though. Saturday like I said the Wife and I had Souper Salad. But I packed away quite a bit of salad yesterday, and quite a few slices of ham. The remaining salad, some ham, and the deviled eggs were sent home with us, and I finished off the rest of the salad last night for supper.

Weighed myself at the gym this morning. Gained four pounds since last Tuesday. Sigh. This week, we have a "bye" for pool league, so I get an extra week on the bet between my buddy and I, but still means extra working out at the gym, and being careful of what I eat just a bit more.

... and that is the problem with family gatherings.