Wednesday, April 17

Some Random Stuff

Just got back a bit ago from having breakfast with Preacher Tom this morning. He needed to drop his car off at the shop to have something done, I don't know what, and had asked me to pick him up. PT threw in breakfast, so we went to Denny's as it was fairly close. I am stuffed right now. I had just the Santa Fe skillet, ate it all, and I should have stopped about 2/3 of the way through it. Lunch will be skipped today, and maybe a light snack about 3'ish, before I head out for the pool league tonight. Within the next hour I will be running PT back to the shop, then am headed out to get a haircut.

Still looking for work, and waiting for any of the previous apps I have done to contact me. Nothing as of yet. Last night I got another possible job lead that sounds good, but it won't be available for about a month. I am hoping to get an early start on it, as it is through a company one of my friends work for. Be a fairly nice job, and would leave evenings and Sundays free, and only a few hours on Saturdays.

The Reverend Mother is excited today. Her office is doing a big contest in regards to better health and weight-loss. This is about week 7 or 8, and is 14-weeks long. There is a cash payout for 1st-3rd of those that lose the most per BMI (Body Mass Index) rather than actual just pounds off. It's not my place to share how much she has lost, but PT was telling me this morning, as of last week, she was in 2nd place, which has a few hundred dollars payout if she makes that (or better) at the end. At breakfast she texted she had dropped a bit more after the weigh-in today. PT mentioned he has lost a few, too.

I haven't weighed myself this week as of yet. My weekly bet with my buddy is off this week, as he is out of town on vacation. We will resume next week, so I need to get my butt working out to lose some pounds. Last week I dropped back to the all-time lowest I had held a couple weeks before. Which is close to the goal I had set for last year's end. I feel a bit like I have plateaued, but know it is just a matter of pushing a bit more on the workouts and eating less/eating healthier.

I know I am not sharing everything with you, just the boring stuff. But sometimes, I sit here and sigh, thinking about everything going on that needs to get done. Then I wonder how am I supposed to make it all happen. One thing at a time....


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