Monday, April 8

I Am Beat

What a long weekend. I knew there were things going on that we were obligated to attend, and then the other things that had been scheduled. But I didn't think I would be so feeling so tired after it all. I do admit, however, that I am sure I am not feeling as sore and tired as the rest of my family is this morning.

Saturday morning found the Wife, our kids (including the Daughter), plus two of the Wife's brothers, their kids (teenage or older), and the MIL, all hiked up Shaw Butte Mountain to spread a small amount of my FIL's ashes there. My FIL had hiked that mountain trail (about 1.5 miles base to tip) several times a week for many years. At times, he would hike it more often, when preparing for one of his twice yearly Grand Canyon hikes. About a week ago, one of the other brothers had been in town, and they had made that hike for the same reason then as well, though the MIL didn't go. Needless to say, I know the Wife and my kids were pretty worn out after that. The Wife had sprained her ankle a bit earlier in the week, so was dealing with that pain as she hiked.

Saturday afternoon and into the evening was spent at the memorial service for the FIL. As a worker with the American Missionary Fellowship, he had been in charge of helping start and maintain churches throughout all of Arizona. The number of people whose lives he had touched was quite amazing, and many had stories to share during the open-mic part of the service. It was another couple of hours it seemed, after the service before we were able to leave, as everyone was catching up, and sharing more stories. Myself not being much of a crowd person, and not knowing so many of the people, was quite anxious to leave. About 9:30pm the Daughter swung by to pick up some things, as she was staying with her cousin at MIL's, and noticed the Wife's van had a tire leak. So I had to do a tire change at that late hour, rather than do it at 5am Sunday morning.

Sunday morning, the Wife and kids were participating in a 1K/5K walk/run to benefit Parkinson's. Already they were feeling sore, and the Wife's ankle was bothering her, but they all completed their events. A niece and nephew had joined them that morning and did it as well, the nephew winning the first in his age division. Myself, I had a couple softball games to play. The afternoon was spent spending time with family as one brother was to leave back to Florida this morning. Both families and the MIL went to dinner last night at one of our favorites, Black Bear Diner.

Monday morning has played out the same as a regular one, excluding the extra trip I have done to get a new tire for the one that went flat. I will have to put it back on when the Wife gets home tonight. I didn't get much of a chance to talk to her this morning, to see how she was feeling, but I am sure she is quite sore. The oldest son said he didn't feel too bad. Darn young'ins. I went to the gym, and am still down at the lowest I have been, though I haven't been able to drop just a bit more as of yet. After this weekend, I thought I may have ended up gaining several pounds, with all the family dinners together, but thankfully I haven't.

I did not sleep well last night, tossing and turning. I don't know if it was just being mentally drained, or what. Today I think I will relax here at home, maybe have a nap this afternoon. Tomorrow I will need to get out and do some more applications at places. The need for a job is getting pretty strong at this point.


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