Monday, April 22

Unnecessary Worries

I began to worry yesterday about my weight. I had not gone into the gym all week last week, and I honestly do not remember why I did not. It probably started early in the week and I just didn't feel like going. You know, that whole being lazy thing. Somehow it ended up carrying through the whole week. Aside from that, but I have a weekly bet going on with a buddy about both of us losing weight. Last week he was out of town on vacation, so we weren't required to weigh in, but that is back on this week. I worried that by not going to the gym, and I felt like I ate more than I usually do (as in larger portions, not more times). I was determined to get back in the gym this morning, and though it took quite a bit of mentally kicking my ass, I went. As usual, I weighed myself once I got there. See, it was needless worry. I had dropped 3 pounds since the week before last. So I am 2 inches closer to the goal. Plus, it makes a better chance for me to win this week with my buddy.

The Wife had done a Market on the Move (type of Farmer's Market for a fee) the weekend before last and had picked up quite a bit of food. We have had three boxes, partially filled - not overflowing - of miscellaneous veggies. I didn't say anything, as sometimes with the amount she gets, she will give out different portions to co-workers, friends, etc. Last night she used up the corn on the cob into some dish she fried up. It was like corn, red peppers, onions, seasoned with some black pepper and onion/garlic salt, all sort of sauteed in butter. It was damn good for a spur of the moment, what can we use the corn with thing to go with the mashed potatoes and country pork ribs we had. The Wife does an awesome job with those types of things. She never makes it the same way twice, since it isn't any recipe. but back to the produce. So last night she tells me that she has all these cucumbers to be used. When I asked her why she even bothered to get so many, as even if I eat some for snacks, there is enough that they will go bad before they get used. Her reply was that since I like pickles so much, that I could make them with the cukes from Reverend Mother's bread & butter pickle recipe. There are like 15 fairly large cukes, and I know I don't have the jars to store all that many pickles. I have a gallon one that I used last time, and it will hold about 6 cucumbers worth. Either way, I will need to go to the store probably tomorrow to renew the supplies I need to make the pickles. At least she thought of me, I guess.

Today is Preacher Tom's birthday, and RM has invited the families together to go to Old Country Buffet for dinner tonight. Another chance for me to stuff myself and gain weight. We'll see how that works tomorrow morning at the gym. I think I shall rest a bit today, as I can feel today's workout already beginning to stiffen up some muscles.



Rev Mom said...

I have an extra dozen quart-size jars if you need them. :-)

Ralphd00d said...

I'll have to call you so you can explain anything special that needs to be done when using the jars. I have never done it before.