Tuesday, April 16

Burying the Hatchet - In the Chair

Today I am hoping to lay to rest my computer desk chair. I have had it only a fairly short time, maybe a year or so. I have a feeling I will miss it. Chair was found at Savers (a Goodwill-type store) and once I tried it out, knew it would come home with me. Even Rusty, the demon-spawn cat, likes chair, as it shows his many times of claw sharpening upon the back corners. Chair has succumbed to the abuse we have put it through, and now cannot seem to stay in a normal position. Chair tends to lean to either side, enough that the seated is unbalanced and falls out of it. I speak from experience. I am sure the children were helpful in Chair's decline, by sitting on the arms of it, or standing on them. Yes, I truly caught them at that one.

I will be visiting Savers again today, or possibly even Goodwill, to find a replacement hopefully. One that leans back, and is cushioned in just the right places so I feel comfortable no mater if I am playing games, or writing correspondence. When it came to color of Chair, I am no racist, but do prefer a darker color. I may even luck out to get one that Rusty will not love so much.

Now you know what my day is filled with doing. I'm just waiting until 9am then I'll be gone for maybe an hour. I just hope to find something to replace this one.

Last night the Wife and I did the Midnight Dash to the only Post Office open in the greater Phoenix area. Which amounts to about 20 minutes of freeway driving at that hour. We lucked out and got there shortly after 11pm, so the traffic had not gotten terribly bad. We were able to get both State and Federal taxes in well before midnight. Other than being a little more tired than usual today from staying up almost 3 hours past my regular bedtime, things are good. Well, except I need to get a new computer chair.

Edit: I got up to Savers at 9am when they opened. There was only one chair with rollers there, that looked sort of like a computer chair. It's appearance was more like one of those gray cloth/light-colored wood deals that they use at those desk/countertop things in some homes. Either way, it was the only thing they had, and it was marked for $6.99. So I fugured seven bucks isn't terrible for a chair I really need. I tested it out, leaning all over th eplace, and all - felt good. Got to the counter, and it must have been a discount day, because the total price I paid was $5.73. Woot!


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