Saturday, April 20

Spring Cleaning in the Heat

I decided to do something productive today, and started going through some items I had stacking up for awhile. Sad part is, it was stacking up on my nightstand. Besides miscellaneous papers, coins, misc. receipts, etc. I was also finding stuff from 7-10 years ago. Came across a handful of pictures that I will need to scan. Stirred up enough dust to make the nose and eyes think that allergy season was nothing compared to this. I did say it had been awhile since I went through the stuff....

Now that my eyes are running, and nose is flowing, I am stopping. I got most of it done, and now need a break. Preferably out of the house. The Wife s taking the boys to some pizza party of a friend she knows. I need to go get PT a birthday gift for his Bday on Monday. Then I think I shall go have some beer.


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