Friday, April 5

Yea! It's Friday!

For no other reason, I'm glad it is Friday. Maybe just because I know it is the end of the week. Maybe because it is a day I usually (though not always) hang out with a few of my friends. Maybe it's just because we are socially trained to think of nothing but good things in relation to Fridays. Don't know. Don't care.

Tomorrow the services for my FIL will be taking place. It would be nice to just finally get that all done and over with. I know I am being a bit callous, but I would just prefer it all to sort of just, go away. I'm being selfish, I am sure. The Wife has today off from work, as she wants to spend some time with one brother that has flown in from out of state. I am still trying to figure out what her plans are, so I can plan my day around hers, or if she needs me to help with something so that I am available. Last night, all she said was she had no clue what she planned on doing. Sigh.

Sunday the family is doing the Parkinson's Walk. The Daughter and two younger boys are doing the 1K walk, and then the Wife and oldest son are doing the 5K run. Me? Well, I'll be at the Church of Holy Beer and Softball.


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