Thursday, April 4

Banging My Head On The Desk

Alcohol makes me very vociferous about things. Even when it is just a blog post, or a Facebook status. I admit, I had a few last night, and though I wasn't falling down drunk, I still shouldn't get on Facebook. Evidently I read someone's status crap and it sort of pissed me off. I know they are just trying to show "positive thoughts and inspirations" but it just makes me think they are a two-faced f*ckhead. Either way, I hadn't realized I had even made a blog post last night, until I read RM's blog this afternoon. I had sort of slept in today, so am running behind my regular schedule of things. Her post was about opinions, whether they are ours, or hearing others. When she mentioned my post, that sinking stomach feeling came, and I hurriedly read what I posted. It is now a draft.

I don't care who reads my posts, as they are only my opinions, rants, and raves. I don't care if they agree or not. Frankly, I am so apathetic about it, I don't know why I am making such a deal of it. Maybe I do care, somewhat, in some way. I pulled it from view because I thought it was written poorly. Not that I am a great writer, full of prolific thoughts. It was a rant, and a poorly worded one I feel.

So why am I explaining to you? I don't know.


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