Saturday, April 27

Getting Some New Stuff

It appears that we will be getting a new bed finally. The one we have had, is very well used, as it has sagging portions (more so from where I sleep), and the rails have bent slowly over the years. Seems we have had this one for about 12 years. My BIL has a box truck and is picking up a newer washer/dryer combo for the MIL, and we asked about being able to pick up new springs and mattress for us. So I will be hauling out the old, and putting in the new hopefully later today.

Luckily, bulk trash pickup is in about a week, and we will be able to have them haul all the old stuff away, as well as some other stuff we have sitting out by our cans that needs to go to the dump. That stuff that is too big to fit into our trash can. I hope to add to all that this week some more bags full of yard clean-up as well.

So, since I will be busy with that, I suppose I won't have much time for much else today.


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