Thursday, April 11

Sometimes, Technology Stinks

I just spent the last hour doing an online job application. For a grocery store. Yesterday I had walked in to the store that we prefer to shop at, to inquire about picking up an employment application. I was told that they no longer give them out, that applying online was the only option. Today I went to the website, and found where I needed to go in order to complete the application. An hour later, here I am. No closer to having a job. Not even a thank you email for applying. Just a brief note at the end of the 20 pages of psych evaluation questions that says if I meet any requirements for any positions, they will contact me. Not even a 'We are not hiring at this time'.

These online applications are beginning to frustrate me more and more these days. I know the Reverend Mother did many of them as well, when she was looking for work, and I am sure she can agree. They are ridiculous. I understand for high-paying positions, like upper management, CEO, etc. that it is more beneficial to help weed out some. But for a grocery store? Unless I was applying for a particular position (baker, pharmacist, produce manager) why the psych eval? I am okay with sweeping floors, bagging groceries, and doing the cart round-up. I just don't get it.

I miss the days when you went in somewhere, you filled out the app, and possibly met with someone momentarily to make a first impression. I guess no one wants to see anyone nowadays. Avoid all physical confrontation, until we have to do an interview. It's all giving me a headache. Seriously. My head hurts.

Preacher Tom made a comment to me about a week ago. Along the lines of it is easier for me, in looking for a job. He was referring to my age, compared to his (as he is still looking for work as well). I told him it doesn't make a difference anymore about my age. No one knows my age when I do online applications. They don't ask for a birthdate, or age. That whole discrimination thing. What I get are 'You are over qualified' without anyone caring to hear why I am even applying. It's not to hold me over until something better comes along. It's to work. To earn a paycheck.

I just. Can't. Win.



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