Sunday, March 27

Easter Sunday

I haven't really had the time to write anything much here of late (as you noticed). This past month, my department at work has been short-handed every now and then due to sickness, and vacations. This all leads into me having to help fill other positions, as well as my own, and giving me 12+ hour days. So from getting up at 5:30-6 am and and getting home 8:30-9pm, there isn't much time for anything. The kids are usually in or on the way to bed. I sometimes will go out and have a beer or two to wind down, or just plain crash into bed.

But today is Easter. Of course, the best day for me to sleep in, I awaken early. The Wife and boys will be headed to church in a couple hours. Our family had gone over to Reverend Mother's for Easter dinner there with her and Preacher Tom. Afterwards played a couple rounds of Apples To Apples. Seemed everyone had a good time. This evening we will be headed over to the MIL's for dinner with her. Or at least The Wife will be with the boys. Haven't made up my mind if I want to go.

This week also brings out some other good things. The Wife and I celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary this Wednesday. We are leaving town that morning and headed north to Sedona for a couple of nights, before returning home. The Daughter is coming up from Morenci to stay at home with the boys, to get them to school, etc. The Wife and I each bought silver rings to exchange on our anniversary. It isn't much, but it was something we both thought would be nice. Getting out of town and to be able to relax a couple days is the big present.

Still a couple months from schools closing for the year. The oldest son will be graduating this May, and then off to college in the fall. He is not clear yet as to where, but won't be a regular university. He wants to get some of the pre-req classes done at a Jr college or similar trade school. The middle son will be moving up to high school. The youngest into 5th grade. They grow too fast....

Not much to say about now. Thinking about trying to lay back down and catnap or something....


Tuesday, March 1

What Changed?

I worked today. Many Americans did that same feat. Desk-sitters, construction workers, police, fire, rescue... blah, blah, the list can continue. I cannot name every type of worker in America, just trying to include them all.

I guess my political tendencies are going to come out. So be it.

I spent more time on that facebook thingy then I meant to do. Of course there were posts from people I know for this candidate ... some for another... and more for another. All of them posting the drivel, or accusing grievances from the other against their candidate. Maybe I am just human. It made me feel sick to my stomach. Yes, I am proud to say I am registered as Republican. Does that mean I like every Republican candidate? Of course not. I can be honest to say at this time, I am not sure about any of them. But I have a duty to return my primary vote. It's not the final vote for Presidency. Will I use the "write-in" option? Who knows.

But reading "posts" ( I use that lightly) of other people that I do consider, to have somewhat higher intelligence than most, I learned... oh, sigh and shake your head. Most people, if, whatever state of mind they are in, will share a meme. I know, shocker, right? Saw many tonight.

Some I agreed with, to a degree, and I posted a comment, or a discussion, as to why that was not entirely correct. But like the normal US citizen, I am sure it will not spread.

The lesser of two evils. Does that exist? Here's the Wiki post for it:

Funny how the first line relates to a cartoon.... much like I feel our candidacy for a President is turning into...

Demos .... Repubs .... are there any Independents still running, that are anywhere close? Lesser Evils?

Yeah. Super Tuesday is tomorrow for a number of states. I think I want to see what happens.