Sunday, July 9

Playing Catch-Up

My buddy, THE Scotty B, is in town this weekend. Traveling in from the harsh wastelands known as Albuquerque to the heated desert called Arizona. It's been a fine two days of having some time to hang out and catch up on our lives. Needless to say, with today being Sunday, that time is drawing to a close. After an evening repast, it'll be so long until next time.

Less than a week ago we were celebrating the 4th of July .... well, some people were. Though I am appreciative of my country and its "birthday", I guess I don't really celebrate it. With all the legalities over fireworks in our desert state, it safer to just not buy any. And getting together with family for bbq or whatever, sometimes that just doesn't work out.

Work has just doubled... meaning I am doing the jobs of two people now for the unknown amount of time. After just three days of it, I'm worn out. I was going to try to get to RM's this weekend to try out a new idea about getting her pics from her iphone to her windows 10 laptop, but with friends in town, just haven't had the time. Maybe Monday after work or something.....

That's all I got today. Resting in the AC ....