Wednesday, April 29

A Little Bad News with the Good ....

So much for my one day during the week to sleep in. Usually Wednesdays are the one day I don't have to get up earlier than usual to run the oldest Son to school. Today, that was still true, but the middle Son had an early dental check-up, and I got drafted into taking him.

Which brings us to the post title for today. As I was standing there whilst the Dentist did his quick look to be sure no cavities (the hygenist actually does the cleaning) he made an observation. I thought it was a bit odd, and obviously I have no dental/medical knowledge, but he said, "Yep. He has the Del bicuspid issue." I wasn't sure if I heard him correctly. Did he name some weird symptom/disease/problem, or comparing something to my Wife (Del is the short version of her name).

While I mentally fumbled for a moment, I realized what he meant. One of the bicuspids has started to grow out from the gum at an angle. In short, he is going to need braces. Another genetic default from both of us parents.... bad teeth. The oldest Son still needs to get his started, including a tooth to be removed before he can start the braces, and now this one as well. I will make the presumption that the youngest will need, as well, so I might as well just start sending the doctor that does the braces his annual vacation checks..... sigh.

Just when you think you are getting things financially settled ....

I seem to have lots of things that need to get done here in a very short time (not talking about dental issues now) but do not have the time to get it all done. Most of it is running around picking this up there, or that there. Many stores are not open prior to me heading into work, and definitely not when I get home from work. Guess that means Saturday will be a long day for me.

Enough of my whining for now....


Monday, April 27

Counting Down

Now under the two week mark to the Daughter's Wedding. Maybe I am a bad dad because I just can't wait until this is all over and done with. The flurry of anxious activity around the house this weekend just irritates me on several levels. I am sure this next weekend will be worse, as the final details are honed/planned/designed/etc. Maybe I can get a cot at the pub and just stay there all weekend.

It is back to work of course, since it is Monday. This week, our Parts "Mgr." was planning to be gone this week. Which meant I was to have to arrive a couple hours earlier than normal to help with the workload. The other parts person can't seem to handle both their jobs when she is out. However, those plans changed last week, and I may only have to go in early tomorrow. I won't know for sure until I get in today. My guess is my co-worker will wuss out and say he needs my help tomorrow. He was off last Friday, and I managed to do both his and my own jobs just fine ... as well as part of the other co-worker's. She had had to leave early as just found out one of her sisters had passed away. Yeah. Depressing I know.

No major plans this week. One of my good buddies is leaving for a cruise over the next couple of weeks, so I have no one to hang out with in the evenings or weekends for awhile. The family is going crazy with wedding and Prom stuff. I still need to find something to wear for the wedding.

Guess I don't have much else to say. Maybe I will go into work early today.


Saturday, April 25

Circle On The Wall

At work, one of my co-workers has a sheet of paper taped up onto the wall next to their desk. It is a simple piece of white paper, with a circle drawn with a black marker on it, about six inches in diameter. Beneath the circle it is printed something along of the lines of "Bang Head Here". I feel like I need one of these sheets at my house, on the concrete block wall next to my desk. Especially at this busy time around here.

The Daughter came up earlier this week, supposedly to just not be alone (the fiance was working a 2-day shift), but also to finalize the wedding stuff. She and The Wife are outdoing that today, leaving me at home with the three boys. The oldest is back in his room, probably sleeping or whatever teens nowadays do. The other two are fighting and whining and bickering. Maybe I will just take a marker and draw the circle onto the wall. I don't need the written instructions. I am sure I can figure it out.

The wedding is in two weeks. last week we resolved the issue about Prom and the Wedding. This week has been about finalizing all the other crap. Alterations to the dress, groomsman clothes, what other things do they need to get to decorate the venue. I know the Wife rattled off a list of things they needed to do yet, but it was last night, and I admit it ... I wasn't listening ... on purpose.

Needless to say, things will be sporadic for the next couple weeks. On the plus side ... I have three days off from work before the wedding! My first vacation in a year and a half. I'll be ready to return to work for sure after that weekend.


Monday, April 20

When Events Collide

The past few days have been somewhat stress-filled at our house. Of course the Daughter's wedding is coming up (under three weeks now I believe), and that has caused enough other problems. But now another issue has risen. The oldest Son has the Jr/Sr prom that same night ... as the wedding.

I don't know who to blame for this extravagant error in planning said events both on the same day, but I do know that anger levels have been exceeded as of late.

Friday, I got a text message from the Daughter, about how it is my fault about allowing the Son to go to Prom, when he committed to the wedding and she has to have him there for some function of the wedding. For some reason, the Daughter has been going through some weird swearing phase, for way too long, and so it included some choice word usages. I called her back, and first told her to not start on me for something I obviously have no clue about. So I heard her tearful, and explicative filled version of some text conversation she has been having with the oldest Son.

Seems last Sunday night, while out to dinner, was the first I had heard that the Son had asked a girl to the prom. In my recollection, it was the first he even had said he wanted to go to prom. I also found out it was the same night as the wedding. I casually mentioned that it shouldn't be a problem. Of course, I was told the wedding was an afternoon/early evening event.

Being how it is my Life, and it never goes smoothly, turns out the wedding was changed to more of an evening affair, and of course, prom is like a 45+ minute drive, across the Valley. As parents of the Bride, I think it would be bad taste for one, or both, of us to leave the reception to take the Son to prom, so I said he would have to find a ride that we trust to take him from the wedding, to prom, and we would pick him up after the prom. If no ride could be found, he would not go to prom.

The Wife, I have no clue how/why she did this, but somehow ended up with a co-worker willing to drive the Son. At that point, I am just, figure out what you need to get the Daughter to compromise and get it all done. The compromise is something to do with dinner. It is tentatively scheduled to start about 7, with the toasts and all following ( I think - the way they keep changing things, I have no idea). Supposedly, one of his jobs as groomsman is to help pour/distribute the champagne.

I agree, he should give up the prom for the wedding. He is only a Junior, and there is always next year. But The Wife insists it is a big social event and he should be able to attend. Now I have two siblings fighting, a Wife, who is sided with the Son, and everyone yelling at me to fix it. I'm about ready to say no to prom, no to the wedding, and then move by myself to Alaska.

Last night we think we finally got it all settled. I told the Wife to contact the Daughter and explain the Son will need to leave shortly after/during the dinner. No other compromise. He will be there for his part in the ceremony, pictures, and up to the dinner. I have not heard any responses as of yet, but I expect the Wife to be back home shortly from running the other boys to school, etc, and will see if she has heard back.

Makes me wonder why we had kids ... oh, the procreation part was fun.


Thursday, April 16

More Than My Share

Work has been pretty tiring the past few days. Monday, one of the guys in my department came down with flu-like symptoms, and ended up leaving early. Tuesday and Wednesday he called out sick. Personally, I think he was faking it all. There are only three of us in the Parts Dept., and Mondays, this guy has to cover his position and hers. That's a normal thing, and has been since before I started there. Why should things be any different now? So Monday he wasn't feeling well, called the other gal (Monday is her day off) and asks her to come in since he supposedly is so sick he can't do everything (like he has the past Mondays for more than a year). Then he goes home early.

Tuesday it was time to take my truck into the shop for the routine oil change. The A/C had been making some noise, so I left the truck there for them to work on, and borrowed a loaner van (one of our older work vans). The plan was for Denny's for breakfast to kill time before work (I had at least a couple hours before needing to be there) but for some reason, I felt nudged that I shouldn't. Instead I stopped at a QT and had a couple sausage dogs. I arrive at work about two hours early and hear the one guys has called in sick, so I clocked in early, to help do his job. Makes for along day.

Wednesday morning, around 7 am (about 4 hours before my usual clock-in time) my boss calls me, asking me to come in early since the guy has called in sick again. Of course I said yes, never hurts to get bonus points, and headed in. Another long day. Granted a few hours of overtime is nice, plus the bonus points for going above and beyond the regular job duties. But I told my boss, in a joking manner, I was shutting off my phone last night so if the guy called in sick again, the could not reach me. He laughed, They haven't called me yet, so sitting here with fingers crossed ... though, I am sure if he does show up to work, he will be dragging heels pretending to still be "recovering".

So why am I so negative about this guy? He's been with the company several years .... he must be doing his job competently. I have only been there about a year and a half, and have knowingly caught him telling me stories about something he did on a "sick day". Yes, I know many of us have done similar - call in sick to do something else. So why do I care so much?

I don't know. I wouldn't say I care so much, but am a bit peeved at having to unexpectedly cover his position, on top of my own job. I know it happens .... but when I just have a strong feeling that he is faking it. Yeah, me doing his job so he can go party. Joy.


Wednesday, April 8

Blank Thoughts

This morning, like most, I am sitting here, trying to find something to write about. I have scanned some of the major headlines for the local area. I have read through my Facebook feed. I have even glanced through my emails. Yet, nothing interesting, or that I feel like commenting on, is found. Most mornings I don't have/take the time to go through so many sources for ideas, but, I have been lacking int he writing department lately.

Going on nine years since I first started writing (here at Blogspot) and still I have no major purpose for it. Most of my drivel is rants about what the family members, or work, have done to tick me off. No deeply involved, philosophical rants about science versus religion, or the size of the hole in the ozone layer. No pointing fingers at you, the reader, for excessive whatever you do that is excessive.

Posted quite a few boob pics though.

I remember reading on several blogs, about staying dedicated and writing "something" each day. Does putting the sentence " I have nothing for you today" count towards that? I don't know. I do know, the many times I have pretty much done just that, I spent some time trying to find some topic to motivate me, before just giving up and writing that line. Maybe that is the problem ... I have no motivation.I know I have requirements, that make me get things done, like going to work so I can pay bills, etc.

Finding what motivates me. I think I shall work on that one. My first thought, though, is ... I hope it doesn't turn out to be illegal. And the second thought, or messy.

I'm off to see if I can find motivation. If you find it, use it up.


Thursday, April 2

Not Missing Any Excitement

What is up with Indiana? It's nice that the legislators from another state have taken the attention off of Arizona, but really? And I thought the sun was the reason so many of the laws out here are stupid ....

That being said, it has been yet another slow week here for the 'd00d. Work is work. No excitement to speak of happening, or planning in the near future. Still about a month until the Daughter's wedding. Which reminds me, I still need to go buy a suit still.

Easter is this weekend, and obviously that means something to some people. If you are religious, it is a celebration. If you are a kid, it means candy and Easter  basket stuff. If you are a diabetic ... well, sucks to be you, I guess. If you are an Atheist, well, I hope you have to work on Sunday.

Heard a rumor at work yesterday, that they are getting ready to implement some changes to the process of things. Not too big of a deal for me usually, except I heard mention that somehow, I will be having a more "active part". In what way, I don't know. I also don't know when am I going to have time to do more than I already do .... I am not dreading anything, because, like I said, if I don't have time to do any extra work, they'll see it, and things will get changed again. Contrary to popular belief, I am only human (Soundtrack pops in head here of Human League).

Got about an hour until I start the day. Guess I should go poke some fun at the Indiana posts on Facebook.