Thursday, April 16

More Than My Share

Work has been pretty tiring the past few days. Monday, one of the guys in my department came down with flu-like symptoms, and ended up leaving early. Tuesday and Wednesday he called out sick. Personally, I think he was faking it all. There are only three of us in the Parts Dept., and Mondays, this guy has to cover his position and hers. That's a normal thing, and has been since before I started there. Why should things be any different now? So Monday he wasn't feeling well, called the other gal (Monday is her day off) and asks her to come in since he supposedly is so sick he can't do everything (like he has the past Mondays for more than a year). Then he goes home early.

Tuesday it was time to take my truck into the shop for the routine oil change. The A/C had been making some noise, so I left the truck there for them to work on, and borrowed a loaner van (one of our older work vans). The plan was for Denny's for breakfast to kill time before work (I had at least a couple hours before needing to be there) but for some reason, I felt nudged that I shouldn't. Instead I stopped at a QT and had a couple sausage dogs. I arrive at work about two hours early and hear the one guys has called in sick, so I clocked in early, to help do his job. Makes for along day.

Wednesday morning, around 7 am (about 4 hours before my usual clock-in time) my boss calls me, asking me to come in early since the guy has called in sick again. Of course I said yes, never hurts to get bonus points, and headed in. Another long day. Granted a few hours of overtime is nice, plus the bonus points for going above and beyond the regular job duties. But I told my boss, in a joking manner, I was shutting off my phone last night so if the guy called in sick again, the could not reach me. He laughed, They haven't called me yet, so sitting here with fingers crossed ... though, I am sure if he does show up to work, he will be dragging heels pretending to still be "recovering".

So why am I so negative about this guy? He's been with the company several years .... he must be doing his job competently. I have only been there about a year and a half, and have knowingly caught him telling me stories about something he did on a "sick day". Yes, I know many of us have done similar - call in sick to do something else. So why do I care so much?

I don't know. I wouldn't say I care so much, but am a bit peeved at having to unexpectedly cover his position, on top of my own job. I know it happens .... but when I just have a strong feeling that he is faking it. Yeah, me doing his job so he can go party. Joy.


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