Thursday, April 2

Not Missing Any Excitement

What is up with Indiana? It's nice that the legislators from another state have taken the attention off of Arizona, but really? And I thought the sun was the reason so many of the laws out here are stupid ....

That being said, it has been yet another slow week here for the 'd00d. Work is work. No excitement to speak of happening, or planning in the near future. Still about a month until the Daughter's wedding. Which reminds me, I still need to go buy a suit still.

Easter is this weekend, and obviously that means something to some people. If you are religious, it is a celebration. If you are a kid, it means candy and Easter  basket stuff. If you are a diabetic ... well, sucks to be you, I guess. If you are an Atheist, well, I hope you have to work on Sunday.

Heard a rumor at work yesterday, that they are getting ready to implement some changes to the process of things. Not too big of a deal for me usually, except I heard mention that somehow, I will be having a more "active part". In what way, I don't know. I also don't know when am I going to have time to do more than I already do .... I am not dreading anything, because, like I said, if I don't have time to do any extra work, they'll see it, and things will get changed again. Contrary to popular belief, I am only human (Soundtrack pops in head here of Human League).

Got about an hour until I start the day. Guess I should go poke some fun at the Indiana posts on Facebook.


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