Sunday, March 29

Another Week Until A Weekend

It's Sunday evening, and as I prepare myself to head to bed, to toss and turn through the night, I figured I could gripe about how this weekend has gone.

Friday, after work, the Wife headed to Safford to assist the Daughter and Fiance to move an hour from where they currently reside, into some housing supplied by the Company the Fiance works for ... located about an hour drive away. Yes, closer to work for him, and for her, since she is not working. All fine and dandy, except the Wife felt she HAD to go and help them move. The Wife is "scheduled" to return sometime tomorrow(Monday), but as of earlier this afternoon, she had no exact time. Seems the original plan (prior to Friday) had changed and now no one seems to know anything. Needless to say, she said she would still be home, but no idea what time.

No big deal, right? She was already planning to be gone until then. I still had to take care of things this weekend while she was gone. And I did.

The two younger Sons and I had breakfast out Saturday morning. Followed with the Easter Festival at the church that they went to for about an hour and half. Then we met up with RM & PT for dinner out at Chili's. Spent the rest of the evening, chilling at home (meaning, we played on the computers). Sunday morning I was wakened about 6am to pick up the oldest Son, as his band trip was returning from California. I went back to bed after bringing him home. Most of the day was spent getting some things tidied around the house, and some laundry, so Mom (aka The Wife) would see we were somewhat productive while she was gone. I treated for dinner out at Souper Salad.

Now the boys have all had showers, did their nightlies, and are in bed. Well, the oldest is in his bedroom, probably not in bed, but not my problem. Tomorrow morning will be me waking him up at 6'ish, then to school, then home to take the other two boys to MIL's, where one will wait for the bus, and the other I will run to his school. Then home for a couple hours until I need to head to work.

Dad has it all in control, right? Doesn't sound like anything majorly bad happened.

Did I say how much sleep I have had? Since waking Friday morning, I figure I have had about 6 hours of decent sleep (uninterrupted for at least 2 hours) and another 8-12 of tossing/turning and the occasional 15 minute cat-nap. I just don't sleep well when the Wife is not at home. Most nights I go to bed before she does, but even so, I wake when she gets there, and then fall smoothly back to sleep. It's that whole "knowing" they are there, I guess.

I've had the problem for the last ... well, in just a couple hours, it will be 24 years. Yes, Monday is our 24th Anniversary. And she is hours away, helping the Daughter move. And I am here, trying to sleep. I know tomorrow night, by the time I get home from work around 9pm, it is going to be a shower and straight to bed for 12 hours. I am sure I will need it.

Hoping for at least 4 hours (of sleep) tonight. That's why I am going to bed now (10pm).


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