Friday, March 27

Working Overtime

The oldest Son left yesterday on the trip to CA with the HS band. He is not due home until about 7am on Sunday morning. While there, they have some sort of music clinic they will attend today, plus an added music workshop. Afterwards, they have passes to Disneyland/California Adventure for the remainder of the day, plus all day Saturday. I am sure he is having fun with friends, and no parents (although there are chaperones).

Which means today is Friday. The Wife is leaving town after work today, to head to Safford. She asked me to leave her the basic directions on how to get there before I leave for work this morning. It thought about how it may be a bit funny to send her on a longer, scenic route, but then figured, it is a good 3 1/2 hour drive as it is, after work, on a Friday, at night, that that would not be as funny as I thought. I have the most direct instructions on how to get there next to me now. She won't be back until Monday evening ... no idea how late.

Which leaves me at home with the two younger Sons as of tonight. I don't mind too much. They are 12, and 9, and can be easily entertained by allowing them computer access. My only main concern is feeding them. Tonight I won't have to, as Grandma will feed them supper. I'll take them with me in the morning when I scrap out my trash in my work truck, and we'll have Denny's for breakfast/brunch. There is a church Easter fun event thingy at the church that afternoon, so will probably take them to that as well, maybe grab some burgers/fries afterwards. Sunday, up early to pick up the oldest Son, and that's where I am not sure what I am doing. I am guessing the oldest will want to immediately go home and sleep ... all day if I let him. Which I won't.

Monday my concern is getting the kids up and to school on time.

Seems like I have a good idea what needs to happen over the weekend. Usually I just "play it by ear" and see what happens, but there are enough other things going on, that I had to almost set an itinerary to it.

Now, to see if I can just get through the workday.


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