Saturday, March 14

Less Stress Is Good

The bee problem has been resolved finally. Thursday evening when I got home, the Wife informed me that the swarm was now gone. Which was good, because on that day, we also received a notice from the County that within 48 hours we were to contact the inspector to come out and verify that the problem had been handled. I called them Friday morning, explaining all was done, bees gone, and that afternoon the inspector called to set up that he would be by on Monday to check. At least I don't have to be home, though the Wife does have a few days off next week ... as do the kids for Spring Break. I wish I had some time off. But not until May.

So that problem is done and over pretty much. I was stressing about the issue.

This morning was sort of wasted. Arose at 5:30 as I had to drive out to the shop (Mesa - about a 30-45 minute drive) as I had missed a part for last night's run. I was able to get it, get it to the tech, all by 7am. Then the tech calls me about 20 minutes later, asking if I had gotten the part yet. I told him it was in his truck. He says, well, he doesn't need it now because the customer rescheduled their appointment to next week. SO I got up, wasted time and gas, and then they don't .... GRRRR! I mean I needed to be up somewhat early, but not that early. Either way, was going to run the truck through emissions, but then found out they don't open until 8, so met up with the guy I give the scrap metal from parts to. Afterwards, headed for emissions and passed. The diesel testing is so fast.

Back home by 8:30, and find everyone else still asleep. Just me and the middle son, who went with me today, are up, so going to get some game time in on the computer.


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