Thursday, March 5

Busy Time ... Sort Of

Things have been busy around here of late. The last couple weeks have had me working some overtime at work, not only to help cover a couple vacations of others in my department, but re-arranging the parts room. The Higher-Ups wanted to arrange the product so that (in theory) when we do inventory, it will be faster, and more organized. I see the merits in the adjustments, though implementing it has become a bit of a time consumer. Overall we are probably only about 2/3 of the way completed. Hopefully, it is enough that I won't have to give up anymore of my weekend time to finish it.

That being said, with the extra work time, I have been tired more of late. I think I may have caught up on some of the sleep I had been not getting. Today I feel more energetic than I have for the past couple of weeks.

When it isn't work, family life has been the other wear me down. The oldest Son has had a busy schedule the past weeks with being part of the tech crew for the school musical/play, and this week it is band concerts (one in which the middle son performed as well). Throw in competitions for Jazz Band and Concert Band. Spring break is soon as well. Unfortunately, since I work evenings I have/will miss the concerts.

The Daughter's wedding is two months away. I still need to get out some weekend and see about getting a suit for myself and the youngest Son. As of right now, that's all I know I need to be doing in regards to preparations. I'm sure there is much more to do, but I think I will let the womenfolk do the artsy-craftsy stuff.

Guess it is about time to start getting ready for the day.


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