Wednesday, March 11

The Bee's Knees

I hope that they are clubbed. Supposedly, someone was here today to finish up the problem. Since I don't get home from work until well after dark (yes, we don't do that dumb DST thing here in AZ) the Wife said this: she noticed a white powder around the area of the shed (where the hive was situated before, with a honeycomb we paid to be removed) but yet the swarm, on the grapevine, plus/minus 20 yards away she saw no change (or anything else). After calling the company today and detailing the lack of changes, they said they would look into it. An hour later I got an 'accidental' call (she said she didn't mean to call me, but ...) where they said a tech was on the way to my house to take care of the problem. She added that, due to the size of the hive, it is understandable it would take longer for a larger amount of bees to disperse. I laughed. I said if this was addressed in the beginning, which it was, why am I calling you 4-5 days later? Did you not SEE it? Were you not AWARE of it? Why am I having to call you nearly every day to RESOLVE it?

Yeah. she had no answer other than to say that some one would be out today. I already mentioned the 'white powder' around the original sight. I also mentioned that the swarm on the new site, roughly 15-20 yards from the shed, has no sign of anything. I told the Wife, let's wait one day, see if it make a difference. If not, then they get another call (6th one by my count I think) to get this resolved.

The supposed good news, that since we got a city notice about it, they will back up that they were contacted properly, and it is their on-going effort to resolve this problem. So, I shouldn't have to interact with the City, if they were to try to fine me. By the initial receipt, and time-stamps of phone calls, the 'supposed bee-removal company' will be held accountable. I ain't holding my breath, but will see what happens. I feel more calls, not just to the BBB, but others, as well as the supposed owners of this company. Waiting a day or two to determine.

Stingy, or stingy? I paid for a service. For me, a lot of money. am I happy with the service? Hell, no. Getting a good review somewhere? Hell, no. Getting a bad review? Every place I can put one, that may matter, including word of mouth.

I admit, this has got to be more of an urban problem, because if I lived anywhere in a small town, it would have been no big deal. I would have smoked them out, over a period of days. But, being urban I can't. I feel like.... ugh. I don't know if I am more pissed at the stupidity of urban laws, or at the idiots running businesses under them.

Either way, sometimes I feel like I can't win. But then, I am not supposed to win. I am an American.

Peace ... if you can find it.

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