Wednesday, January 30

Sometimes, I Surprise Myself

Okay, I admit I did it. I got up early (when I didn't need to) and went to the gym. I feel better about doing it, though I probably didn't work out "as hard" as I had on Monday. I found several muscle sets that were still a bit disgruntled from the previous workout.

I found out the Wife has today off. She does a lot of student training (think: interns) in the PT field, and seems to almost constantly have a student in training at work. Her current student is on her last week, and next week she starts a new one for another 10 weeks. She had talked it over with her boss (and friend) and they decided she should have a day off before starting another 10 weeks with a student that affords no breaks. I usually enjoy days like this when she has them off, and the boys are all in school. It gives us a moment to catch up between her and I. No, I am not talking about sex. Well, maybe sometimes.....

Anyways, so today she has off, but I know she wants to get some shopping for some certain things done and I don't do shopping. It's okay. Today is pool league night, and I usually head out in the afternoon to the pub. I get a couple hours or so in reading before the friends start showing up.

For now though, I need a shower. I got back from the gym just a bit ago, and I need to wash this stink off of me.

Oh, did I forget to mention I am down 5 pounds from last week.


Tuesday, January 29

Getting Good at Non-Committing

Yesterday was, in my opinion, a semi-positive attitude type day. Talked about getting back on track to going to the gym, my weight-loss, etc. Slept very little last night, and there was no way I was going to make it to the gym. I opted for an additional couple hours of napping before having to go do babysitting duty at the MIL's. So, in yet another attempt at being optimistic, I plan on tomorrow morning to return to the gym. I need to either way to get my weigh-in done for the week.

Other than that, there is nothing of interest going on in my life. I spent last night listening to my music on itunes and doing crosswords (on paper) in front of the computer. Exciting, eh?


Monday, January 28

Working At It Again

I have pretty much blown off working out at the gym and paying attention to eating healthy for over the past few months. since about the start of school (September). I have gone off and on to the gym during that time, but nothing that would be considered a regular schedule, that would be more beneficial to my whole plan of weight loss. Either way, it's time to get back to being a bit more focused on it.

This week our pool league starts back up. Once again I return as Captain of the team, though, last season I repeatedly said I did not want to do it again. Mostly because we had one player that would not contact me when he could not make it, and I would have to scramble around trying to find a sub for him with only a few hours to start time. Plus I covered his dues out of my pocket so our team would not be penalized later. I got my expense back at the end of season from our team monies. This season, we replaced him with one of the subs we were using, and he seems more dependable. With that in mind, I said I would Captain again, as I have the most time available to make sure everyone knows where to go, start time, etc.

We had a team meeting last Wednesday. Mostly it was just an excuse to get together and have a few beers. Either way, one of my friends on the team mentioned he had weighed himself and was not happy with the results, and decided he needed to work on losing a minimum of 20 pounds. This friend is not as overweight as I am, but we are within a range of each other. We decided to each put $1 each week, and weigh in each Wednesday. Whomever lost the most week that week gets the pot. No weight loss, or we both gain, the pot rolls to the next week. It's a small thing, but some motivation is better than none, and it helps us both. At our meeting, I recorded our weights so we can start this week. Surprisingly, even after not working at it for the past few months, I had only gained 2 pounds since Sept. Looking to lose hopefully a bit more before our pool league season ends, which is about Sept.

That being explained, I was at the gym this morning. I am sure I will be a bit sore tomorrow, but I am going to try to get back in then as well. I figure the mornings I take the oldest to early hour at school, I can head to the gym. Not many are there about 6:30'ish in the mornings. The RM blogged today that she has a Coach assigned to her from her company as they focus on having healthier employees. She is going to have her motivation, too!

It's so easy to make this all sound so great on a Monday morning when I am not sore, high on natural chemicals from my workout. I am sure tomorrow I will return the the grumpy ass I usually am.


Friday, January 25

Yeah, Whatever

I have been boring this week. Actually, I have been bored this week, too. My life is just so exciting.

Not much has been going on. I have been reading more than anything these past weeks since the new year started. I am on, and they had this little thing to challenge you to read so many books for this new year. No prize if you win, I guess just the personal satisfaction you set a goal and read X amount of books. That, and it promotes reading. So I put my goal as 100 books for the year. I figure that is about 8 a month, and throw in a few extra. To date, I am 17 books towards my goal, and am 11 books (10%) ahead of schedule for the goal.  I am beginning to think I did not set a better goal for myself. Goodreads posts to my Facebook when I update that I read a book, etc, and when the Wife saw the post about the number of books for the year, she had commented something along the lines of, 'Only 100? I thought it was to be a real goal.' If that isn't support, I don't know what is.

So I have been reading much of the Lee Child series on the character Jack Reacher. Yes, Tom Cruise is in the movie with that name, taken from the book 'One Shot' (which is like book 8 or 9 in the kind of order for the books). I even watched that movie this past week, after reading the book. Again, Hollywood depresses me when they do a movie adaptation from a book. So many details left out, and changes to the story line.... sigh.

Well, it is Friday, and I have other things to catch up on. No major plans for the weekend except getting the Wife to pick out a new cell phone. (Rolling eyes).


Wednesday, January 23

Lesser Mortals

My buddy, Scotty B, came up years ago with a term for most of humanity. It became a term we used quite a bit back then and over the years, it has been a very common insult, or under the breath muttering, of mine. It carries a definitive meaning, and to those that it is applied to, it fits. I was around many Lesser Mortals last night.

My Kindle was low on the battery, so I plugged it in to be charged. I had just charged it up the night before, but evidently I made the mistake of forgetting the wi-fi was turned on, and drained the battery quicker. No big deal, except I was getting ready to head out to the pub for a bit, and wanted to bring it to read, as per my norm. There was no way the short amount of charge it had left was going to last an hour, let alone the maybe two I was looking to have for reading. Reluctantly, I plugged it in to charge (after turning off the wi-fi) and grabbed a physical book to take with me.

Once I got situated at the pub, they started coming at me. 'Oh my! You don't have your electronic book reader!', and 'You're reading an actual book?' had to be the two most common phrases I heard last night. Of course, they weren't just saying it while passing me by, or maybe I just overheard it in general. No, they had to interrupt my reading to say this.

I hate being interrupted while reading.

My friends have gotten used to it, and they will wait a moment next to me, knowing that when I reach the end of a paragraph, I will shut it off. But other people don't think about courtesy. They are incapable.

Lesser Mortals, indeed.


Tuesday, January 22

Have You Heard of the Flu?

It never seems to fail, that the kids will get sick EVERY year. Usually, it seems to fall around the Christmas break from school. I had hoped it would not be coming around, since the kids seem to get through that period just fine this time around. I guess it was not to be. Last night the youngest had a temp of 101. We did the typical parent thing, gave him some ibuprofen to help bring it down. This morning it had risen to 103. Another does of meds, and he will be staying home today from school. He doesn't appear to be miserable, aside from the temp, so maybe it won't be bad, and an even bigger maybe - maybe he won't pass around whatever he has got.

He is over at the MIL's this morning, hopefully returned to bed and sleeping/resting. Since it is Tuesday, it is time for the damn MIL shopping trip where I waste 2 hours sitting at her place. After that, he and I will return home.

That's enough griping from me for now. I got some other things to do.


Friday, January 18

Weekly Wrap-up

The good news is, I don't have a cold, and I wasn't sick. Yes, it was some form of allergies, and have made a pretty good guess as to what caused them. The neighbors on the west side of our home, the Rednecks as we refer to them (no degradation meant to true Rednecks) had made a sort of 'fire pit' in their front yard and were burning "stuff" in it. By "stuff" I mean pretty much anything that would burn. Doesn't sound un-normal, right? Well, in a city our size, dust and other pollutants make the air bad enough, so we VERY frequently have 'no-burn' nights, especially in the winter. Most of this winter has been no-burn nights, but that does not stop the Rednecks. Daylight doesn't stop them. They build their fire in the front yard, just to come out for a 5 minute smoke of their cigarette. Wednesday, I had some errands to run, and as soon as I was out and about, all my symptoms went away. Yesterday brought a return of our regular winter weather (meaning 70 degrees daytime) and the Rednecks built no fire, thus, no symptoms. It comes down to some of the stuff they were burning caused my problems. We have seen them burn their mail (envelopes anyways), wood, pieces of cloth, stuff from a trash can that really appeared to be trash, and I could have sworn, some stuff that smelt like rubber burning. Of course, Phoenix has ordinances that you cannot burn your trash in city limits - let alone out in the desert with high-risk areas for fire hazard. I guess the best thing to do would be call the police, or their landlord... but the fricking hassle of it all....

So I am feeling better. The weather is better. When taking the oldest son to school, the temp being 49 is a WHOLE lot better than the 29 it was for a few days.

I had some other topic for discussion today, but now have lost that train of thought thanks to the Rednecks, and me thinking about how weird they are. I should dedicate some post to them and describe many of the things that they have done.


Wednesday, January 16

Being Miserable

Yesterday, I had some cold-like symptoms kick my ass. Day-Quil didn't seem to help any with the congestion. This morning, I still feel terrible. I don't know if maybe it is not a cold, and maybe just a bad case of allergies going on. With the cold snap we have had here, I tend to think it is a cold, but not so sure now. The watering eyes, runny nose, triggering the sneezing.... could be either I guess. I am pulling a bit of an experiment sort of.

With my allergies, sometimes getting away from the house for awhile, they will clear up - as if there is something specific around the house (or outside) that is triggering them. I know Olive trees set me off pretty bad, but no neighbors have them as far as I can see. So, going to do some running around this afternoon, and see if they clear up. If they don't... I have no clue what to do except suffer. As long as the nasal discharge doesn't turn that sickly green color as that indicates a sinus infection, I think I can get through this, though feeling miserable the whole time.


Tuesday, January 15

Fodder for the Masses

I have nothing for you to read today. I'm sitting here, feeling cold, waiting for the return of regular weather. My sinuses are either clogged, or just running, alternating between the two all day long. So I might be getting sick. It was only 1 degree warmer today than yesterday. And here it is supposed to be up to 70 (they said this morn) by Friday. Sigh. This below freezing in the mornings sure makes it hard to get anything done and feel motivated.

On the plus side, the cold keeps me awake.


Monday, January 14

Hard Nipples

It is freaking cold here in AZ. This morning, while running the oldest son to school, the temp read 28 degrees. That's like 15-20 degrees cooler than it should be for AZ this time of year. Today's high is supposed to be 48. Fro many of you, I am sure this would be considered VERY warm weather. I mentioned to a friend yesterday that I must have had my blood thinned since I moved out here in 1986, but he corrected me. He said I just notice the cold more, as in most places that have the cold weather, it is more of a gradual change in temps, and therefore you acclimate as they go lower. Here, it has just been so fast, there was no time to get used to the lower temps over a period of time. Sounds good to me, but I still want it warmer. The "Weather Forecasters" say by Friday it is to be back closer to the upper 60's by Friday.

Nothing of major importance has been going on. Kids are settled back into their school routine. I've been doing quite a bit of reading.Nothing really so great to recommend, but getting through books that have been sitting on my computer for some time. Concentrating more on the Lee Child 'Jack Reacher' series of late. I am up to starting book #8, and am enjoying it a little. It reminds me of the 'Mack Bolan' by Don Pendleton, and makes for easy entertainment reading. The oldest son has been quite busy reading on the Kindle he got for Christmas, too. I am loading up some more books for him this morning that I think he may like.

Think that is all I got for today. I need to go do some blog reading...


Saturday, January 12

Let's Do Some Drugs

Like I do most mornings, I logged into my email account to peruse the day's selection of senseless crap I get on a daily basis. Most days, the number of emails is probably around 60'ish. For the past 3 weeks, that number has grown to nearly double, and today was no exception (I have 99 in the inbox). At first I always get that small joy that 'Oh! Someone likes me!' But once I start reading them, it quickly turns to being pissed doff - because I am good at that.

The usual number of emails (around 60) are the general crap I deal with. Maybe an occasional friend/family email, some advertisement type stuff I signed up for, and even the rare spam one shows up. The remaining number of emails have been coming from Blogspot, in relation to there being a new comment on the blog. Usually that would make me ecstatic, as I think one of you readers are just so moved by my witty word wanderings, that you needed to share something with me. Alas, it is not seeming to be. Instead, it is a one-line phrase, slightly modified at each posting, saying something along the lines of:

"order klonopin online" klonopin for anxiety dose - klonopin withdrawal last 

The Quotes show where the link part is usually at. Some of these drugs I have never heard of either, and others are fairly common: Klonopin, Ambien, Tramadol, Viagra... the list goes on. By the time I have gone through each one, I am feeling pretty depressed. Why go through each one? In case there is actually a commenter, not a spammer. All come posted by Anonymous.

So, the fix? Well, from what I have seen, there are a few ways to fix. This style of blog, via Blogspot (part of Google) has limited ways to control spam comments. I can require commentors to sign-in with a Google id, use a captcha thingy, shut off the ability to make comments, or use a third party comment software. Obviously, the hordes of you readers that comment will love my requiring you to have a Google id, so I am not doing that. I hate captcha boxes. Half the time I can't even read the letters, so I can't force that upon you. Disable comments completely? That's an idea, but not happening. So I guess it is third party comment software. I am going to have to look around and see what is out there and able to perform the way I want it to by blocking spam.

In the meantime, I think I may order me some Somas and see what happens.


Friday, January 11

I am up early today. Actually, early for the second time. I woke up around 2:30am feeling some gastric distress, which was alleviated, and finished another chapter in the book I am reading currently in the Reading Room. After laying back down, I realized sleep had completely left, so got up to play on the computer for a bit. Around 4 I went to lay back down, and ended up cat-napping until 5:30. Everyone has to be up earlier today to accommodate the MIL and the damn trip she is taking.

Other than that, I have no ideas what is going on. I know I need to pick up the kids this afternoon, then I may go have a few beers before coming home. The Wife is staying at the MIL's til they return sometime tomorrow night (late probably) and  we had not discussed if the boys were going to be home with me or just stay with her there. Could be a quiet evening at home for me....

Time to make the first run to drop the oldest off.


Wednesday, January 9

The Quickie (With Meaning)

I have 15 minutes to write this post. Obviously you can tell it is going to be chock-full of goodness and important information no one can be without. Glad you could take the 30 seconds to read it all.

Another sibling of the MIL has passed recently. Yesterday we found out the funeral/memorial services are going to be this Friday (or was it Saturday?) with the problem being they are in Utah. The Wife got smart and did not enlist me to watch the FIL all day Friday and Saturday. Instead, she took the day off work and is doing it herself. I only have to pick up the kids from school, and take care of them while she is gone. Definitely easier than having to take care of the FIL. Her brother and wife will be driving MIL up to Utah for the services and then returning. Makes for a messed up weekend for me, but better than it could have been. I guess that means things are getting better....

Tonight I have a meeting to start up our pool league again. I decided I would be captain again. Actually, the other guys didn't want to do it, so I kept myself. tonight I find out when we start, dues, etc. At least I get to have a few beers.

Well, not a bad post for 5 minutes.


Tuesday, January 8

Returning Pain

Tomorrow is going to hurt. Well, maybe I should rephrase that to I'm am going to hurt. This morning I made my return to the Pain Institute - the one most people call a gym. Yeah, I haven't been in several weeks (borderline months) and decided I need to get off my butt and get back in there on a regular basis. This morning provided the time to do it, after dropping the oldest off at school. I went lighter a bit on the weights than I remember being at from before, but can still see that my time away had made me lazy again. I did my regular circuit of machines/weights, then finished up on the treadmill for a bit. The drive home I listened to the muscles of my body begin their whining about having to have had work today. The hot shower helped some, but I know they will complain louder tomorrow.

So Alabama whomped on Notre Dame last night. I am glad I didn't stay up for the whole game. I went to bed about the 4th quarter, as it looked like it wasn't going to pan out for the Irish. Oh well. Like I would ever see my team (Purdue) in that kind of bowl game.

Feels like a Monday to me, since the oldest son had yesterday out of school still, and just returning today, but I know it isn't. Will be heading over to the MIL's for weekly duty. Sigh. I know I bitch about it enough, but I still dislike doing it.

On a good note.... Yeah. I got nothing.


Monday, January 7

End of a Season

Today three of my four kids return to school. The Daughter left yesterday back to Tucson and classes today. The two younger boys returned to school this morning, but the oldest son has today off still for the teachers have some kind of 'Professional Day' - whatever that means. He will start back tomorrow though. Which means back to the regular weekly routine for me, though it will be quieter around the house most of the day once again.

The Washington Redskins finished up their season yesterday, too. Lost to the Seattle Seahawks. Either way, I am happy with my team. I was only hoping for .500 season, instead receiving the clinch of our division, and into round one of playoffs. There is always next year.

For a Monday, I can't find much to gripe about.

Oh. Go Notre Dame in tonight's game!


Saturday, January 5

Talk About Being Messed Up

Yesterday I was a bit pissed. I even mentioned about why I was, that incident about having to sit with my FIL last night. And because I was feeling the way I was - put out, stuck with having to do it - I was giving the Wife the brush-off, showing her I was angry at her for her seeming lack of interest in how things affected me. All she got from me was one word answers, if I couldn't do a head shake yes or no, and as soon as they were back, I left for home and bed. When they got home maybe an hour later, I was in bed trying to go to sleep, which eluded me for a couple hours since my mind was constantly reeling through how I felt about the whole thing, and why I should or should not be feeling as angry as I was.

I wrote a post some time back about obligations and guilt that I was feeling at the time. Much of that was running through my mind last night as I lay in bed, too. Overall I think it just added to what confusion I was having already. After tossing and turning in bed for two hours, thoughts roiling over the whole situation, add to it the emotional roller coaster....sigh. I finally just gave up. I refuse to feel guilty about it. I refuse to feel obligated. I am still a bit angry ... maybe not so much angry, but more irritated. Either way there is nothing I can do about it now except bitch, which won't change anything about last night, and would probably just cause more hurtful things to be said, or happen. Definitely it seems to be one of those no-win situations.

So, late night to bed, add in some restlessness during the night interrupting sleep, by 7:30'ish this morn, I am up, and feeling tired. I may end up taking a nap later today.

Hope your Saturday is going well.


Friday, January 4

Blow, Blow, Blow

It's not a windy morning here in AZ today. Nor was it yesterday. Though, there is much blowing wind and blowing other things going on. Such as it is with the cutting of the cheese, and draining sinuses. I am not completely sure where all the gas I have had is coming from, my only best guess being the amount of beef (ribs) and cabbage (slaw) I ate on the 1st. I have had past incidences where when those two foods meet in my stomach, the next few days are, fragrant, to say the least. The sinuses, well, I think that may be in part to the Daughter, who said she was feeling sick and has had similar symptoms for the pas couple days. Either way, it makes things somewhat uncomfortable for me - except at least I can't smell my farts - that's a good thing.

The Wife and Daughter are taking the MIL to the Suns game tonight. I'm a bit pissed about it all though. No, not that care at all of basketball, but because the way things were planned about it. The MIL has never been to an NBA game before, and she is a big fan of the Suns (don't ask me why, I don't understand it). So the Wife scored three tickets for tonight's game, and gave them as a Christmas gift. Nice idea, but like I said, badly planned. My guess is the Wife assumed I would be willing to sit with the FIL while they went out. No one mentioned that fact to me. It was my understanding that they would see if they could find another family member to do it, as I do quite a bit over there already. In fact the BIL and wife had offered, but now they won't be in town (convenient). So when I asked the Wife last night who was doing what, I found out what I got stuck with doing... again. I'm pissed about it. I mentioned I was getting tired of being the one that has to do this shit all the time only because we live the closest. I should be asked to do it, not expected to just do it.

Ugh, getting all worked up about it isn't doing me any good. I already feel the gurgling and churning going on in the belly area, so need to finish up here to head to the Reading Room.


Wednesday, January 2

Topic of This Post

I ate too much yesterday. I only had two helpings of ribs and slaw, but I think it was all the chips and salsa I ate "snacking" prior to lunch that did me in. We were kid-less last night basically, as our boys stayed the night at Sis' house, and only the Daughter was home, but well later as she and the boyfriend went to hang out. Gave the Wife and I a chance to do something we usually don't have the opportunity to do: take a nap. We then spent the evening watching 'MIB 3' and finally watching the the mid-season finale of 'The Walking Dead'. Getting time together for us to be able to sit and watch a movie without the kids is a little harder these days, but it was a nice time regardless. The Wife popped up some popcorn, and after the movie, I heated a small plate of left-over ribs for our dinner.

Not much going on today. The boys won't be back until mid-afternoon and this morning I have to go to the MIL's so she can go shopping. It would be nice if she would do a shopping trip that would last them for like 2-3 weeks, instead of one week at a time. I understand there are some things that you have to maybe do a week at a time, or to catch certain weekly deals from the grocer, but still. Last week I sent the Daughter over rather than do it myself. I guess that vacation is now over.

The kids all return to school Monday, and I am looking forward to it. The Daughter has been living on my couch for the past week and a half and is starting to get on my nerves considering she sleeps half the day away, no matter how much noise I make trying to wake her up. Trying to plan dinners to include her (or not) has been a pain, as half the time she doesn't know if she will be home for it or not. I am probably being more bitchy about her being here because we 'bump heads' quite a bit. Maybe she's too much like me for me to enjoy her being around. I don't know. Some psych major could probably tell me what's up, but I don't care. I just want school to start back up.

So, two posts this year already and nothing of major content. Maybe I should change that. In fact, I would if I had any idea what to write about.


Tuesday, January 1

Feels Like ADD

It's the start of a new year (according to the Julian calendar) and that means it is that time when people make wishes to improve themselves, only to fail within the first two weeks. Myself, I do not bother with resolutions anymore. I feel it is too depressing and just commits myself to failure, which is not what I need a couple weeks into the new year. I tend to try to start with positive ideas that won't hurt if I can't make them. Sure, losing weight is always good - especially when it is for health, let alone the slimming down for clothes and, gosh darn it, for people to check you out. So yeah, I have a "goal" per se, but it is just a goal I have had a long time. I am not "resolving" to make it a priority issue with emphasis that will make me fail within a short time. That's like a lifetime change - as it affects just not exercise maybe, but eating habits, etc.

Some other ideas I want to try to get to? Maybe read some more. Less time playing games on the computer. Write more interesting posts here to entertain you. Spend more quality family time. Quit drinking and smoking (I know RM, I know so don't start on me). Get a job - even one I like. Yes, these are all good things, and you are probably thinking 'Well, those ARE resolutions' but you would be wrong. Those are things I would like to happen. Doesn't mean I am going to exert my will to make them happen. I guess I am lazy that way. If something were to happen where that particular thing just HAD to be done, or just fell in my lap, yeah, for sure it would happen then.

So where does that leave me? I don't know. Anymore I take life pretty much one day at a time, so depending on how I feel tomorrow, something might change. I might even get interesting.

Today we are heading over to Sis' for lunch. We haven't been over there for a family thing for a couple months (Labor Day I think) so it will be somewhat nice to be around everyone again for awhile. Not sure how long the Wife will want to stay. She and the kids were up pretty late last night, and she has to work tomorrow. I was in bed by about 11'ish. Had to been close to midnight before I fell asleep thanks to the dumbass Mexicans across the street shooting off what sounded like bottle rockets every 5 minutes. From what the Wife put on Facebook last night, that the guns were going off come midnight, and I kow I didn't hear that.

I was trying to think of a decent video to post today, you know like 'Brand New Day' or something, and came across a video trailer for a book I started last night 'John Dies At The End' by David Wong. The new year is looking up already! Finish the book in a couple days, and get to watch someone's interpretation of it on the screen. That doesn't happen often for me.

Have a good start to the year.