Tuesday, January 8

Returning Pain

Tomorrow is going to hurt. Well, maybe I should rephrase that to I'm am going to hurt. This morning I made my return to the Pain Institute - the one most people call a gym. Yeah, I haven't been in several weeks (borderline months) and decided I need to get off my butt and get back in there on a regular basis. This morning provided the time to do it, after dropping the oldest off at school. I went lighter a bit on the weights than I remember being at from before, but can still see that my time away had made me lazy again. I did my regular circuit of machines/weights, then finished up on the treadmill for a bit. The drive home I listened to the muscles of my body begin their whining about having to have had work today. The hot shower helped some, but I know they will complain louder tomorrow.

So Alabama whomped on Notre Dame last night. I am glad I didn't stay up for the whole game. I went to bed about the 4th quarter, as it looked like it wasn't going to pan out for the Irish. Oh well. Like I would ever see my team (Purdue) in that kind of bowl game.

Feels like a Monday to me, since the oldest son had yesterday out of school still, and just returning today, but I know it isn't. Will be heading over to the MIL's for weekly duty. Sigh. I know I bitch about it enough, but I still dislike doing it.

On a good note.... Yeah. I got nothing.


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