Wednesday, January 23

Lesser Mortals

My buddy, Scotty B, came up years ago with a term for most of humanity. It became a term we used quite a bit back then and over the years, it has been a very common insult, or under the breath muttering, of mine. It carries a definitive meaning, and to those that it is applied to, it fits. I was around many Lesser Mortals last night.

My Kindle was low on the battery, so I plugged it in to be charged. I had just charged it up the night before, but evidently I made the mistake of forgetting the wi-fi was turned on, and drained the battery quicker. No big deal, except I was getting ready to head out to the pub for a bit, and wanted to bring it to read, as per my norm. There was no way the short amount of charge it had left was going to last an hour, let alone the maybe two I was looking to have for reading. Reluctantly, I plugged it in to charge (after turning off the wi-fi) and grabbed a physical book to take with me.

Once I got situated at the pub, they started coming at me. 'Oh my! You don't have your electronic book reader!', and 'You're reading an actual book?' had to be the two most common phrases I heard last night. Of course, they weren't just saying it while passing me by, or maybe I just overheard it in general. No, they had to interrupt my reading to say this.

I hate being interrupted while reading.

My friends have gotten used to it, and they will wait a moment next to me, knowing that when I reach the end of a paragraph, I will shut it off. But other people don't think about courtesy. They are incapable.

Lesser Mortals, indeed.


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