Friday, January 18

Weekly Wrap-up

The good news is, I don't have a cold, and I wasn't sick. Yes, it was some form of allergies, and have made a pretty good guess as to what caused them. The neighbors on the west side of our home, the Rednecks as we refer to them (no degradation meant to true Rednecks) had made a sort of 'fire pit' in their front yard and were burning "stuff" in it. By "stuff" I mean pretty much anything that would burn. Doesn't sound un-normal, right? Well, in a city our size, dust and other pollutants make the air bad enough, so we VERY frequently have 'no-burn' nights, especially in the winter. Most of this winter has been no-burn nights, but that does not stop the Rednecks. Daylight doesn't stop them. They build their fire in the front yard, just to come out for a 5 minute smoke of their cigarette. Wednesday, I had some errands to run, and as soon as I was out and about, all my symptoms went away. Yesterday brought a return of our regular winter weather (meaning 70 degrees daytime) and the Rednecks built no fire, thus, no symptoms. It comes down to some of the stuff they were burning caused my problems. We have seen them burn their mail (envelopes anyways), wood, pieces of cloth, stuff from a trash can that really appeared to be trash, and I could have sworn, some stuff that smelt like rubber burning. Of course, Phoenix has ordinances that you cannot burn your trash in city limits - let alone out in the desert with high-risk areas for fire hazard. I guess the best thing to do would be call the police, or their landlord... but the fricking hassle of it all....

So I am feeling better. The weather is better. When taking the oldest son to school, the temp being 49 is a WHOLE lot better than the 29 it was for a few days.

I had some other topic for discussion today, but now have lost that train of thought thanks to the Rednecks, and me thinking about how weird they are. I should dedicate some post to them and describe many of the things that they have done.


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