Wednesday, January 2

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I ate too much yesterday. I only had two helpings of ribs and slaw, but I think it was all the chips and salsa I ate "snacking" prior to lunch that did me in. We were kid-less last night basically, as our boys stayed the night at Sis' house, and only the Daughter was home, but well later as she and the boyfriend went to hang out. Gave the Wife and I a chance to do something we usually don't have the opportunity to do: take a nap. We then spent the evening watching 'MIB 3' and finally watching the the mid-season finale of 'The Walking Dead'. Getting time together for us to be able to sit and watch a movie without the kids is a little harder these days, but it was a nice time regardless. The Wife popped up some popcorn, and after the movie, I heated a small plate of left-over ribs for our dinner.

Not much going on today. The boys won't be back until mid-afternoon and this morning I have to go to the MIL's so she can go shopping. It would be nice if she would do a shopping trip that would last them for like 2-3 weeks, instead of one week at a time. I understand there are some things that you have to maybe do a week at a time, or to catch certain weekly deals from the grocer, but still. Last week I sent the Daughter over rather than do it myself. I guess that vacation is now over.

The kids all return to school Monday, and I am looking forward to it. The Daughter has been living on my couch for the past week and a half and is starting to get on my nerves considering she sleeps half the day away, no matter how much noise I make trying to wake her up. Trying to plan dinners to include her (or not) has been a pain, as half the time she doesn't know if she will be home for it or not. I am probably being more bitchy about her being here because we 'bump heads' quite a bit. Maybe she's too much like me for me to enjoy her being around. I don't know. Some psych major could probably tell me what's up, but I don't care. I just want school to start back up.

So, two posts this year already and nothing of major content. Maybe I should change that. In fact, I would if I had any idea what to write about.


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