Friday, January 11

I am up early today. Actually, early for the second time. I woke up around 2:30am feeling some gastric distress, which was alleviated, and finished another chapter in the book I am reading currently in the Reading Room. After laying back down, I realized sleep had completely left, so got up to play on the computer for a bit. Around 4 I went to lay back down, and ended up cat-napping until 5:30. Everyone has to be up earlier today to accommodate the MIL and the damn trip she is taking.

Other than that, I have no ideas what is going on. I know I need to pick up the kids this afternoon, then I may go have a few beers before coming home. The Wife is staying at the MIL's til they return sometime tomorrow night (late probably) and  we had not discussed if the boys were going to be home with me or just stay with her there. Could be a quiet evening at home for me....

Time to make the first run to drop the oldest off.


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