Friday, January 25

Yeah, Whatever

I have been boring this week. Actually, I have been bored this week, too. My life is just so exciting.

Not much has been going on. I have been reading more than anything these past weeks since the new year started. I am on, and they had this little thing to challenge you to read so many books for this new year. No prize if you win, I guess just the personal satisfaction you set a goal and read X amount of books. That, and it promotes reading. So I put my goal as 100 books for the year. I figure that is about 8 a month, and throw in a few extra. To date, I am 17 books towards my goal, and am 11 books (10%) ahead of schedule for the goal.  I am beginning to think I did not set a better goal for myself. Goodreads posts to my Facebook when I update that I read a book, etc, and when the Wife saw the post about the number of books for the year, she had commented something along the lines of, 'Only 100? I thought it was to be a real goal.' If that isn't support, I don't know what is.

So I have been reading much of the Lee Child series on the character Jack Reacher. Yes, Tom Cruise is in the movie with that name, taken from the book 'One Shot' (which is like book 8 or 9 in the kind of order for the books). I even watched that movie this past week, after reading the book. Again, Hollywood depresses me when they do a movie adaptation from a book. So many details left out, and changes to the story line.... sigh.

Well, it is Friday, and I have other things to catch up on. No major plans for the weekend except getting the Wife to pick out a new cell phone. (Rolling eyes).


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Ed Bonderenka said...

Well, I liked the movie, despite Cruise.
But I haven't read the book.