Monday, January 28

Working At It Again

I have pretty much blown off working out at the gym and paying attention to eating healthy for over the past few months. since about the start of school (September). I have gone off and on to the gym during that time, but nothing that would be considered a regular schedule, that would be more beneficial to my whole plan of weight loss. Either way, it's time to get back to being a bit more focused on it.

This week our pool league starts back up. Once again I return as Captain of the team, though, last season I repeatedly said I did not want to do it again. Mostly because we had one player that would not contact me when he could not make it, and I would have to scramble around trying to find a sub for him with only a few hours to start time. Plus I covered his dues out of my pocket so our team would not be penalized later. I got my expense back at the end of season from our team monies. This season, we replaced him with one of the subs we were using, and he seems more dependable. With that in mind, I said I would Captain again, as I have the most time available to make sure everyone knows where to go, start time, etc.

We had a team meeting last Wednesday. Mostly it was just an excuse to get together and have a few beers. Either way, one of my friends on the team mentioned he had weighed himself and was not happy with the results, and decided he needed to work on losing a minimum of 20 pounds. This friend is not as overweight as I am, but we are within a range of each other. We decided to each put $1 each week, and weigh in each Wednesday. Whomever lost the most week that week gets the pot. No weight loss, or we both gain, the pot rolls to the next week. It's a small thing, but some motivation is better than none, and it helps us both. At our meeting, I recorded our weights so we can start this week. Surprisingly, even after not working at it for the past few months, I had only gained 2 pounds since Sept. Looking to lose hopefully a bit more before our pool league season ends, which is about Sept.

That being explained, I was at the gym this morning. I am sure I will be a bit sore tomorrow, but I am going to try to get back in then as well. I figure the mornings I take the oldest to early hour at school, I can head to the gym. Not many are there about 6:30'ish in the mornings. The RM blogged today that she has a Coach assigned to her from her company as they focus on having healthier employees. She is going to have her motivation, too!

It's so easy to make this all sound so great on a Monday morning when I am not sore, high on natural chemicals from my workout. I am sure tomorrow I will return the the grumpy ass I usually am.


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