Tuesday, January 22

Have You Heard of the Flu?

It never seems to fail, that the kids will get sick EVERY year. Usually, it seems to fall around the Christmas break from school. I had hoped it would not be coming around, since the kids seem to get through that period just fine this time around. I guess it was not to be. Last night the youngest had a temp of 101. We did the typical parent thing, gave him some ibuprofen to help bring it down. This morning it had risen to 103. Another does of meds, and he will be staying home today from school. He doesn't appear to be miserable, aside from the temp, so maybe it won't be bad, and an even bigger maybe - maybe he won't pass around whatever he has got.

He is over at the MIL's this morning, hopefully returned to bed and sleeping/resting. Since it is Tuesday, it is time for the damn MIL shopping trip where I waste 2 hours sitting at her place. After that, he and I will return home.

That's enough griping from me for now. I got some other things to do.


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