Wednesday, January 9

The Quickie (With Meaning)

I have 15 minutes to write this post. Obviously you can tell it is going to be chock-full of goodness and important information no one can be without. Glad you could take the 30 seconds to read it all.

Another sibling of the MIL has passed recently. Yesterday we found out the funeral/memorial services are going to be this Friday (or was it Saturday?) with the problem being they are in Utah. The Wife got smart and did not enlist me to watch the FIL all day Friday and Saturday. Instead, she took the day off work and is doing it herself. I only have to pick up the kids from school, and take care of them while she is gone. Definitely easier than having to take care of the FIL. Her brother and wife will be driving MIL up to Utah for the services and then returning. Makes for a messed up weekend for me, but better than it could have been. I guess that means things are getting better....

Tonight I have a meeting to start up our pool league again. I decided I would be captain again. Actually, the other guys didn't want to do it, so I kept myself. tonight I find out when we start, dues, etc. At least I get to have a few beers.

Well, not a bad post for 5 minutes.


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