Friday, January 4

Blow, Blow, Blow

It's not a windy morning here in AZ today. Nor was it yesterday. Though, there is much blowing wind and blowing other things going on. Such as it is with the cutting of the cheese, and draining sinuses. I am not completely sure where all the gas I have had is coming from, my only best guess being the amount of beef (ribs) and cabbage (slaw) I ate on the 1st. I have had past incidences where when those two foods meet in my stomach, the next few days are, fragrant, to say the least. The sinuses, well, I think that may be in part to the Daughter, who said she was feeling sick and has had similar symptoms for the pas couple days. Either way, it makes things somewhat uncomfortable for me - except at least I can't smell my farts - that's a good thing.

The Wife and Daughter are taking the MIL to the Suns game tonight. I'm a bit pissed about it all though. No, not that care at all of basketball, but because the way things were planned about it. The MIL has never been to an NBA game before, and she is a big fan of the Suns (don't ask me why, I don't understand it). So the Wife scored three tickets for tonight's game, and gave them as a Christmas gift. Nice idea, but like I said, badly planned. My guess is the Wife assumed I would be willing to sit with the FIL while they went out. No one mentioned that fact to me. It was my understanding that they would see if they could find another family member to do it, as I do quite a bit over there already. In fact the BIL and wife had offered, but now they won't be in town (convenient). So when I asked the Wife last night who was doing what, I found out what I got stuck with doing... again. I'm pissed about it. I mentioned I was getting tired of being the one that has to do this shit all the time only because we live the closest. I should be asked to do it, not expected to just do it.

Ugh, getting all worked up about it isn't doing me any good. I already feel the gurgling and churning going on in the belly area, so need to finish up here to head to the Reading Room.


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