Wednesday, January 16

Being Miserable

Yesterday, I had some cold-like symptoms kick my ass. Day-Quil didn't seem to help any with the congestion. This morning, I still feel terrible. I don't know if maybe it is not a cold, and maybe just a bad case of allergies going on. With the cold snap we have had here, I tend to think it is a cold, but not so sure now. The watering eyes, runny nose, triggering the sneezing.... could be either I guess. I am pulling a bit of an experiment sort of.

With my allergies, sometimes getting away from the house for awhile, they will clear up - as if there is something specific around the house (or outside) that is triggering them. I know Olive trees set me off pretty bad, but no neighbors have them as far as I can see. So, going to do some running around this afternoon, and see if they clear up. If they don't... I have no clue what to do except suffer. As long as the nasal discharge doesn't turn that sickly green color as that indicates a sinus infection, I think I can get through this, though feeling miserable the whole time.


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