Tuesday, January 1

Feels Like ADD

It's the start of a new year (according to the Julian calendar) and that means it is that time when people make wishes to improve themselves, only to fail within the first two weeks. Myself, I do not bother with resolutions anymore. I feel it is too depressing and just commits myself to failure, which is not what I need a couple weeks into the new year. I tend to try to start with positive ideas that won't hurt if I can't make them. Sure, losing weight is always good - especially when it is for health, let alone the slimming down for clothes and, gosh darn it, for people to check you out. So yeah, I have a "goal" per se, but it is just a goal I have had a long time. I am not "resolving" to make it a priority issue with emphasis that will make me fail within a short time. That's like a lifetime change - as it affects just not exercise maybe, but eating habits, etc.

Some other ideas I want to try to get to? Maybe read some more. Less time playing games on the computer. Write more interesting posts here to entertain you. Spend more quality family time. Quit drinking and smoking (I know RM, I know so don't start on me). Get a job - even one I like. Yes, these are all good things, and you are probably thinking 'Well, those ARE resolutions' but you would be wrong. Those are things I would like to happen. Doesn't mean I am going to exert my will to make them happen. I guess I am lazy that way. If something were to happen where that particular thing just HAD to be done, or just fell in my lap, yeah, for sure it would happen then.

So where does that leave me? I don't know. Anymore I take life pretty much one day at a time, so depending on how I feel tomorrow, something might change. I might even get interesting.

Today we are heading over to Sis' for lunch. We haven't been over there for a family thing for a couple months (Labor Day I think) so it will be somewhat nice to be around everyone again for awhile. Not sure how long the Wife will want to stay. She and the kids were up pretty late last night, and she has to work tomorrow. I was in bed by about 11'ish. Had to been close to midnight before I fell asleep thanks to the dumbass Mexicans across the street shooting off what sounded like bottle rockets every 5 minutes. From what the Wife put on Facebook last night, that the guns were going off come midnight, and I kow I didn't hear that.

I was trying to think of a decent video to post today, you know like 'Brand New Day' or something, and came across a video trailer for a book I started last night 'John Dies At The End' by David Wong. The new year is looking up already! Finish the book in a couple days, and get to watch someone's interpretation of it on the screen. That doesn't happen often for me.

Have a good start to the year.


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