Tuesday, April 29

Another Day of Misery

Yesterday was very uncomfortable. The allergy medication I take seemed to do absolutely nothing all day, and by evening, the area around my eyes felt tender to the touch from wiping the tears watering from them so much. My nose looks like St. Nick's from blowing and wiping it. Yet, as I drove around the west side of the Valley, the wind was gusting yet again. Already this morning it has started. Taking the older son to school, the weather forecast on the radio even mentioned today it would be windy again, but the wind should die off by tomorrow. Great. They just forecasted another three days at least of these symptoms for me.

That being said, it is nearing the end of April. Phoenix Comicon is in June, but the discounted rate on tickets ends the 30th. As they date draws nearer, I find myself not wanting to go more and more. Sure, I want to go to have a couple books I have signed by the author(s), but then I think about the crowds, the parking, and all the walking. I looked up the type of forums they are going to have, to try to decide which day would be better for the ones that interest me, but almost all of them are TBA still at this date. I'm convinced they will be that way until the ticket prices go up, so they can sucker you into buying more than just one day. I suppose tonight I will talk to the oldest son, who was sort of wanting to go, about it. This was going to be a possible part of his birthday.

Had some really weird dreaming going on last night, and cannot figure out the "tie-in" to events. Most times, if I even remember a dream, I can figure out what event happened to me that previous day, that would cause my sub-conscience to dream something in a similar way. Last night's was pretty far out there. It had to do with me running into my Dad on the streets of my hometown (Frankfort, IN) where I was an adult, married, etc. just like now. I tell this guy that he looks just like my Dad, and it turns out it is, and he has been watching me all these years since he supposedly died, because he really didn't, he just disappeared. What?!? How?!? With the help of a 'friend' he says. So as the dream goes on, we are become sort of reacquainted over a period of time, and I meet this 'friend' which is some sort of cross between a Pegasus-type horse, and a sea dragon. But no one can see him except my Dad, and now me, which surprises my Dad. He claims that his friend (I never hear a name) decides who can see him or not. Eventually, I get to the point where I tell my Wife that I am having problems, that my Dad is alive, that he has a fantasy creature of a friend. I am looking at my hands, and realize there are some kind of lesions on them, and then tell my Wife I think I have some sort of disease that is causing life-size hallucinations and causing me to go insane.

Of course, this is where in real life, the Wife wakes me up. Freaking weird dream. All I had last night to eat was two pieces of leftover pizza. You know, the three-meat from Little Caesar's. No idea what brought on that crazy stuff... Maybe it was the sweet tea from Quik Trip. I have no idea. Just too freaking weird.


Monday, April 28

Warming Back Up

The weather in Arizona is generally easy to forecast. Sun, sun, sun. Hot, hot, hot. At least that is the forecast a good three-fourths of the year. The other few weeks it is a slight chance of rain, and mild temperatures. This past week, it has been a bit of both. Saturday it actually only got to a high in the mid-70s, with wind gusts up to 30 mph. It was enjoyable, the cooler temps, but the wind I could have done without. Sunday I spent most of the day sneezing, blowing my nose, and dealing with watery eyes due to all the allergens the wind had stirred up. Even though there was a just a small bit of actual rain on Saturday, it wasn't enough to get all the crap out of the air. This morning I am still feeling my allergies, but hopefully it will clear up as the day goes on.

Back around the first of the year, I had tweaked my thumb somehow. Grabbing some box the wrong way, or that was too heavy for the grip I had on it, or something. Not even 100% sure it was something related to work. Either way, I strained or damaged a tendon/ligament at the base of my right-hand thumb. For the past few months, it has been a bit limited in movement, and obviously, if I grab something just a certain way, it is quite painful. The Wife, a physical therapist, said back in the beginning it probably would be something that requires surgery, but I have no desire to see a doctor about it. This last week, she happened to come across a thumb immobilizer wrap. I wore it most of Saturday, and actually seems to make a difference.

May is almost here, and that brings up the next couple holidays: Mother's Day and Memorial Day. I have no clue about Mother's Day. I was going to spend it with the Wife and kids, but now some other event is taking place that day, that I can't even begin to talk about how I feel about it. Well, I could, but it would probably just cause problems, and more issues with my siblings/parents. Yeah, you know what I mean. I am just going to look forward to Memorial Day, because at least then I know I will get a day off work. I am looking forward to August when I will finally have some vacation days to use once in awhile. Aside from that, I am tentatively planning at this time, to take a day off in June, but it will be without pay. have some plans that are not set in concrete yet, but should be fun.

Alright, kids are up and gone to school for the day, and I need to get some things done, too. Lord knows you all want me to get my shower done.


Friday, April 25

Weak Break

This past week has been a bit of a break for me. Though I haven't always been religiously updating the blog, I usually do not go almost a whole week without an update. I think I just needed a break. There hasn't been much going on here, except the normal day-to-day routine, and I know no one wants to hear about that. Not that today is going to be much different.

Work does keep me busy, and wears me out each day. I don't know if it is my age, or maybe just not as physically fit as I need to be for the position. I am not so worn out that I cannot concentrate, but I feel just physically tired most nights. Some of them appliance parts are pretty heavy! In fact, I know I am going to be sweating within minutes of getting to work. Last night I picked p quite a bit of parts that are trash, and have to empty the truck this morning. At least it isn't 100 ... yet.

Actually this weekend is supposed to cool down to the upper 70s, and a chance of rain, which AZ really needs. The heat isn't bothering me as much at this time, but the allergies are nasty. Not only are the itchy, watery eyes prevalent, but the nose running and draining. On my route, the west side of town has many farm areas, and some of them use bees to pollinate the crops. On a usual night, I will hit a couple swarms as I go down the freeway. They are so messy when cleaning the windshield. Just the wipers and windshield cleaner make a big, smeary mess. Each morning when I fuel up I use the squeegee-thingy, but half the time those are in such crappy condition, they don't work well, or the water/cleaner is just nasty.

Oh well, such as it is. No plans this weekend really. Working tonight after the regular job at the second one. Tomorrow my buds on the pool team are having their end of season party, and have invited me. Sunday shall be a day of rest I think.


Monday, April 21

Another Short Post Day

It's Monday. I am keeping it short today, as I am headed out to breakfast with PT this morning. In fact, I am writing a bit later as I was trying to figure out what to write about today ... with no luck. Seems there is always something going on in the news, but most of that just brings me down so why bother commenting on it? Besides, I am sure someone can say it snarkier than I can.

Easter was a bad day, I guess. The Wife and Daughter made a nice dinner, and took it to the MIL's. I didn't go, as I was napping, and being half awake, I told the Wife to go without me. They saved me a plate that I had later though. The Daughter returned home last night. The kids got Easter baskets, though, it wasn't that big a deal to them as they are all getting older. Maybe next year we can stop doing them.

I suppose I should get ready to go to breakfast. Y'all have a decent day.


Friday, April 18

Easter Weekend

Today is Good Friday (aren't most of them?) and I know I am glad it is the last day of work for this week. The warmer temperatures here in the Valley make my days a bit miserable while I am in the shop pulling parts. There is hardly any air circulation/cooling aside from a on-the-floor fan, and so it gets pretty warm in there. Meaning I sweat a lot. Thanks goodness I have a good deodorant.

Anyways, so today is Good Friday, which means Easter is on Sunday. Usually we go to the Sis' and the families all get together for the afternoon. This year it is different. I still have no clue what our plans are. I guess it is up to the Wife and how the MIL feels. I have no clue, but presume the Daughter will be coming to town as well. I haven't heard anything. That's normal though - to keep me out of the loop.

I got nothing. I had somewhere to go with this post, and it all just went *poof*!


Wednesday, April 16

Useless Trivia

This morning (this is Monday, so this is a canned post) I had some time to kill before the dreaded hour to leave for work. Seeing how my usual haunts had been perused, and nothing of any importance (if ever) was going on Facebook, I started just entering random sites that found their way to the forefront of my mind. One site, was KTAR.com which belongs to the local news talk radio here in the Valley, a station I listen to quite a bit during my route. Through their site, I found this little article (http://ktar.com/265/1722955/Microsoft-reveals-story-behind-iconic-Windows-XP-wallpaper )which has a short video included about the "Bliss" picture that is the background for Windows XP.

I took the about 9 minutes to watch the video. It was somewhat interesting, even if I am not a photography nut. I didn't realize the location of the picture, but recall hearing/reading somewhere that it had been a true photo, and not a photo-shopped or drawn picture. The videographer of this video also went to the location, after the interview with the photographer, and it was interesting to see the site today, versus the picture, which was taken about 1996.

Now that all being said, and I have this information now in my head, what did I lose? Sometimes I worry about things like that. The Wife has said numerous times that the loss of important information I could retain, is an astounding amount, considering the amount of useless, pointless trivial matters I can spout at any given moment, in any location, about whatever I just happen to see, or think about.

I know. Scary, right?


Monday, April 14

Becoming Disconnected

My internet connection is being a pain this morning. For some unknown reason, it will be fine, I'll be cruising around the internet, then BAM! Unable to load the page. I glance over at the modem, and the usual number of green lights is displaying fewer greens, and occasionally a red. Nobody likes red lights. I went through the regular rigamoral of the modem reboot, and now things seem to be running okay ... for now.

Becoming Disconnected. Makes me think of my family a little bit. Not my immediate family, but my siblings. And before you two (Stuman and Sis) go all freaking out on me, this is just my opinion. I've always been disconnected from them. I spent several years growing up separate from them, that I just never could quite get the connection that most siblings seem to have. Then because we were raised differently, our adult lives (and decisions) have led in several different directions. Nowadays, we just can't connect and relate as well to things. The older we get, there is just less and less that we share to connect on, because we don't do the same things, or have the same experiences. Yeah, just typical things that life throws at ya. Sis had emailed us all this past weekend, about Easter. In the past, most holidays we would all bring our families to her home for a family dinner/get-together. This year, due to some other commitments and plans, the day cannot be spent (at Sis') as we used to do. I already replied that my family would not be coming. We are trying to spend the day with the MIL (if The Wife would ever figure out what is going on).

Heck, I don't know where I was going with this. Well, yes I do know, but I can't write about it. That whole thing is convoluted and overall just a pain in my ass.

Anyways, I like to disconnect with a book. One that you just feel pulled into the story so well, that the physical surroundings diminish. Been awhile since I have read a book that good.


Thursday, April 10

Intriguing Post Title

Forecasters are predicting that the temperature today will reach the 99 degree mark. Earlier this week, we hit the first 90+ degree day for the year. There is speculation about how many days of 100+ we will have this summer, as well as how miserable the heat will be over the next few months. I, in particular, am not a fan of any day with the temps over 90. In the warehouse, I end up sweating quite a bit due to there not being any good air circulation, and definitely no cooling (evap or air conditioning). On the bad days, we have a small fan we set up near the doorway to help, but there is only so much it can do. Mostly give you a slight breeze in the main aisle. Yesterday I noticed how drenched my shirt started getting. Maybe I should bring a change each day, for when I finish in there and another for when I start my route.

Nothing more exciting than the weather today. Pollen counts are up, my sinuses are running non-stop one day, and dry, to the point of bleeding, the next. Allergy pills don't seem to do anything but make me spend money buying more of them, hoping that at some point, there is a difference I will notice. Even the news radio this morning had nothing I had not heard since yesterday.

Well, guess that is all I got for today. I am off to wonder if I should have chili before heading to work. It could lead to an interesting, though smelly, ride for the afternoon.


Tuesday, April 8

A Nice Little Break

When the sound of the crack of dawn happened here in AZ, I didn't have to rise out of bed to take the oldest son to school. The simple luxury of able to lay in bed an extra 20-30 minutes was enjoyable. Seems that the school is doing their AIMS testing today, so their zero hour was canceled. I know it will be back come Thursday, but even one day of respite is nice.

I heard yesterday, that after 4 weeks of no luck, now they supposedly heard 2 'pings' from what some "official" says, that they feel 75% sure that is the black box of the Malaysian flight 370. You know, I am tired of this story. The people are dead, considering there is no floating debris in the supposed area, so the plane is sunk. Recovering the black box would be nice. Then they could see what happened and the order, but not the motive. I think the last viable motive I heard was the pilot intentionally crashed it. Either way, getting to be pretty old news to me.

Phoenix is supposed to hit about 98 by tomorrow, if I remember correctly. Which signals that summer is starting. We have not hit 100 yet, but I am sure those days are not too far off. I have been running the air conditioning in my work truck for the first part of my route over the past couple weeks. At least until about sundown. After sweating quite a bit in the warehouse, then sitting in the fishbowl of my truck cab, some good cold a/c is good.

Tomorrow I still have to rise early. The truck is due for an oil change, and I set it up for tomorrow morning. Takes me a good hour to drive across the Valley, even at 6:30 am. I treat myself with breakfast at Denny's afterwards, so sometimes it is a good exchange. Of course, then I feel too full to go to work, but I am already on that side of town ... and I need a paycheck. Or rather, it is nice to get a paycheck. I am happy to be working.


Monday, April 7

It's That Time Again

Bah. Today just hasn't quite gotten off to the start I would want of a Monday. I feel like I am still half asleep, even after a cup of coffee. I went to bed at a decent time last night, too.

Nothing new to share today. Too tired to feel like griping about anything.

Think I will go take a shower and see if that helps wake me up.


Friday, April 4

Twiddlin' my ... uh ... you know

Thumbs! Geez, where is your mind!

It has been a fairly boring week around here. I am not complaining. Sometimes I just get so tired of the useless drama that goes on. Work has been light, though I cannot speak for how today may go. I've been told that this is the time of year that appliance repairs sort of drop off for a bit. I guess with summer vacations coming up, etc, that unless it is a major emergency, people don't call for service. Less parts to deliver for me, but I still am getting my hours. Actually racking over 40 a week even now. Did I mention I got a raise about a week ago too? Yeah. They appreciate me that much. It was a significant amount as well.

Got a look at the two younger boys' report cards the other night. They are both doing well for 2nd & 6th grades. The younger needs to work on his reading fluency. To me, this doesn't make much sense, as how often do we read aloud? But I know this is also the only way to be sure that word pronunciation, etc is being used properly. At least he isn't coming home speaking Spanglish.

The older son's report card hasn't come. Though, through the school's Parent Portal, his grades are fine, except for one C (in Algebra). I know this teacher has a different way of allowing them homework/test completions, and I am sure I will be speaking with him about the need to get that grade up a bit. His GPA was lower than it should be considering his barely passing some classes last year. I think keeping him out of accelerated classes has made a difference this year.

The Daughter still has not taken any of the three licensure tests she needs to complete to begin searching for work. This frustrates me. It has been about 4 months since she graduated. I know she is probably thinking that she needs to wait on her fiance to find a job in his field of study; that she doesn't want to settle into a job, then a few months later he finds a job out of town. I told the Wife over the anniversary that she needs to talk to the Daughter about this, after all, we are fully supporting them financially while this is going on. I would love to be able to be putting that money in the bank for the next kid to go to college.

Okay, I'll quit complaining about my kids, today anyways.


Wednesday, April 2

Mid-Week Thoughtlessness

I really don't have much today. Slept in a bit. Happens when I drink too much beer the night before. Had some leftover pizza for breakfast, so there went the weight loss for the week. Getting ready to head into work in the next 30 minutes or so.

Makes for an exciting post, eh?


Tuesday, April 1

My Day

Today is my kind of day. Not that I am playing jokes on anyone. Far from it. It is more like ... a day of skepticism. Everything you hear, and maybe even see, you have to determine if it is real, or is someone trying to pull a fast one. Granted, I don't think as many people do pranks as much as they seem to in my younger years, but I do not know. Maybe I just am around people that don't care. In my past experiences, it's not worth it unless you make it big, and that just takes too much time, and sometimes money. For a joke? That is a joke.

Today is the one day, that a person is able to believe everything that is read/posted on the internet. Even if it tomorrow it turns out to not be true. Or worse, it does turn out to be true. THE ENQUIRER and STAR will have stories based on facts. GMOs will be found to be good for you. Russia will give Crimea back to the Ukraine. North Korea will go Democratic. Malaysian flight 370 will be found. I'll lose 30 pounds. Obama will resign. Hoosierboy will quit smoking cigars. See, it is all true.

Yeah. my bullshit meter will be pinging off the charts today, I am sure. IF you do actually read one true thing, it is this: today is April 1st.