Monday, April 14

Becoming Disconnected

My internet connection is being a pain this morning. For some unknown reason, it will be fine, I'll be cruising around the internet, then BAM! Unable to load the page. I glance over at the modem, and the usual number of green lights is displaying fewer greens, and occasionally a red. Nobody likes red lights. I went through the regular rigamoral of the modem reboot, and now things seem to be running okay ... for now.

Becoming Disconnected. Makes me think of my family a little bit. Not my immediate family, but my siblings. And before you two (Stuman and Sis) go all freaking out on me, this is just my opinion. I've always been disconnected from them. I spent several years growing up separate from them, that I just never could quite get the connection that most siblings seem to have. Then because we were raised differently, our adult lives (and decisions) have led in several different directions. Nowadays, we just can't connect and relate as well to things. The older we get, there is just less and less that we share to connect on, because we don't do the same things, or have the same experiences. Yeah, just typical things that life throws at ya. Sis had emailed us all this past weekend, about Easter. In the past, most holidays we would all bring our families to her home for a family dinner/get-together. This year, due to some other commitments and plans, the day cannot be spent (at Sis') as we used to do. I already replied that my family would not be coming. We are trying to spend the day with the MIL (if The Wife would ever figure out what is going on).

Heck, I don't know where I was going with this. Well, yes I do know, but I can't write about it. That whole thing is convoluted and overall just a pain in my ass.

Anyways, I like to disconnect with a book. One that you just feel pulled into the story so well, that the physical surroundings diminish. Been awhile since I have read a book that good.


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Rev Mom said...

Hmmm good thoughts. I had "forgotten" that you spent a few years away from us. You are my son and always will be... regardless of differences. But you are right, those different experiences - by all of us - play into things as we (and our families) grow older.