Friday, April 25

Weak Break

This past week has been a bit of a break for me. Though I haven't always been religiously updating the blog, I usually do not go almost a whole week without an update. I think I just needed a break. There hasn't been much going on here, except the normal day-to-day routine, and I know no one wants to hear about that. Not that today is going to be much different.

Work does keep me busy, and wears me out each day. I don't know if it is my age, or maybe just not as physically fit as I need to be for the position. I am not so worn out that I cannot concentrate, but I feel just physically tired most nights. Some of them appliance parts are pretty heavy! In fact, I know I am going to be sweating within minutes of getting to work. Last night I picked p quite a bit of parts that are trash, and have to empty the truck this morning. At least it isn't 100 ... yet.

Actually this weekend is supposed to cool down to the upper 70s, and a chance of rain, which AZ really needs. The heat isn't bothering me as much at this time, but the allergies are nasty. Not only are the itchy, watery eyes prevalent, but the nose running and draining. On my route, the west side of town has many farm areas, and some of them use bees to pollinate the crops. On a usual night, I will hit a couple swarms as I go down the freeway. They are so messy when cleaning the windshield. Just the wipers and windshield cleaner make a big, smeary mess. Each morning when I fuel up I use the squeegee-thingy, but half the time those are in such crappy condition, they don't work well, or the water/cleaner is just nasty.

Oh well, such as it is. No plans this weekend really. Working tonight after the regular job at the second one. Tomorrow my buds on the pool team are having their end of season party, and have invited me. Sunday shall be a day of rest I think.


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