Tuesday, April 1

My Day

Today is my kind of day. Not that I am playing jokes on anyone. Far from it. It is more like ... a day of skepticism. Everything you hear, and maybe even see, you have to determine if it is real, or is someone trying to pull a fast one. Granted, I don't think as many people do pranks as much as they seem to in my younger years, but I do not know. Maybe I just am around people that don't care. In my past experiences, it's not worth it unless you make it big, and that just takes too much time, and sometimes money. For a joke? That is a joke.

Today is the one day, that a person is able to believe everything that is read/posted on the internet. Even if it tomorrow it turns out to not be true. Or worse, it does turn out to be true. THE ENQUIRER and STAR will have stories based on facts. GMOs will be found to be good for you. Russia will give Crimea back to the Ukraine. North Korea will go Democratic. Malaysian flight 370 will be found. I'll lose 30 pounds. Obama will resign. Hoosierboy will quit smoking cigars. See, it is all true.

Yeah. my bullshit meter will be pinging off the charts today, I am sure. IF you do actually read one true thing, it is this: today is April 1st.


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