Friday, April 4

Twiddlin' my ... uh ... you know

Thumbs! Geez, where is your mind!

It has been a fairly boring week around here. I am not complaining. Sometimes I just get so tired of the useless drama that goes on. Work has been light, though I cannot speak for how today may go. I've been told that this is the time of year that appliance repairs sort of drop off for a bit. I guess with summer vacations coming up, etc, that unless it is a major emergency, people don't call for service. Less parts to deliver for me, but I still am getting my hours. Actually racking over 40 a week even now. Did I mention I got a raise about a week ago too? Yeah. They appreciate me that much. It was a significant amount as well.

Got a look at the two younger boys' report cards the other night. They are both doing well for 2nd & 6th grades. The younger needs to work on his reading fluency. To me, this doesn't make much sense, as how often do we read aloud? But I know this is also the only way to be sure that word pronunciation, etc is being used properly. At least he isn't coming home speaking Spanglish.

The older son's report card hasn't come. Though, through the school's Parent Portal, his grades are fine, except for one C (in Algebra). I know this teacher has a different way of allowing them homework/test completions, and I am sure I will be speaking with him about the need to get that grade up a bit. His GPA was lower than it should be considering his barely passing some classes last year. I think keeping him out of accelerated classes has made a difference this year.

The Daughter still has not taken any of the three licensure tests she needs to complete to begin searching for work. This frustrates me. It has been about 4 months since she graduated. I know she is probably thinking that she needs to wait on her fiance to find a job in his field of study; that she doesn't want to settle into a job, then a few months later he finds a job out of town. I told the Wife over the anniversary that she needs to talk to the Daughter about this, after all, we are fully supporting them financially while this is going on. I would love to be able to be putting that money in the bank for the next kid to go to college.

Okay, I'll quit complaining about my kids, today anyways.


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