Monday, April 21

Another Short Post Day

It's Monday. I am keeping it short today, as I am headed out to breakfast with PT this morning. In fact, I am writing a bit later as I was trying to figure out what to write about today ... with no luck. Seems there is always something going on in the news, but most of that just brings me down so why bother commenting on it? Besides, I am sure someone can say it snarkier than I can.

Easter was a bad day, I guess. The Wife and Daughter made a nice dinner, and took it to the MIL's. I didn't go, as I was napping, and being half awake, I told the Wife to go without me. They saved me a plate that I had later though. The Daughter returned home last night. The kids got Easter baskets, though, it wasn't that big a deal to them as they are all getting older. Maybe next year we can stop doing them.

I suppose I should get ready to go to breakfast. Y'all have a decent day.


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